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  1. cluttonfred

    Radial engine exhaust systems?

    Does anyone know of any resources and/or can anyone share any principles specific to radial engine exhaust system design? I am still thinking about a VP-2 with a 60 hp Verner 5V and wondering about exhaust options. Stub exhausts vs. partial ring vs. full ring? Orientation of individual pipes...
  2. cluttonfred

    uAvionix tailBeaconX

    This is still too expensive but it's certainly a huge step in the right direction in terms of simplicity of installation: GPS, ADS-B, Mode S, antennas all in one. It would be nice to see a simple, dedicated, very small control head for small panels.
  3. cluttonfred

    Mark Drela on "Lift sharing vs. configuration at zero static margin"

    Here are some very useful comments and a graph from MIT professor Mark Drela shared on an RC aircraft forum back in 2005. These issues come up a lot her at HBA, especially when discussing tandem and canard designs, so since this content was raised in another thread I thought I'd put it here for...
  4. cluttonfred

    Composite fuel tank question

    The Volksplanes use a composite fuel tank/forward fuselage decking originally designed for polyester resin and ordinary marine fiberglass cloth ("Alsynite" sheet still exists but now appears to be a fiberglass roofing manufacturer in Asia.) Here's the page from the now almost 50-year-old VP-2...
  5. cluttonfred

    Rogallo wing question

    Does anyone have a good reference for the characteristics of a standard Rogallo wing that I could use to estimate the performance and power requirements of something like this? I am having a hard time finding information as basic as the effective lift coefficient of the wing as a whole. Thanks!
  6. cluttonfred

    Flight test dummy?

    No, I am not teasing anyone, just wondering about how someone might flight test a two-seater at full gross weight with just the pilot aboard. You want the weights to be as close as possible to where they'd be with a second person aboard, but everything has to be very secure. An actual 180 lb...
  7. cluttonfred

    Top-outlet fuel tanks?

    If your engine is dependent on a fuel pump anyway, either for the required fuel pressure or just to raise fuel from a low-mounted tank, is there any reason why you couldn't use an automotive fuel cell like this one in a homebuilt aircraft? I know...
  8. cluttonfred

    RIP (TV's) Pappy Boyington

    Actor Robert Conrad, who played USMC Maj Greg "Pappy" Boyington on "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and Jim West on "The Wild Wild West," passed away today.
  9. cluttonfred

    All-moving tail surfaces on pivoting, tubular spars

    I have always liked the way Bud Evans did the rudder on the VP-1 and VP-2, where a single aluminum tube serves as both spar and pivot for the all-moving rudder. Here is the VP-2 rudder: It seems like it would be pretty straightforward to make three such surfaces to create a horizontal...
  10. cluttonfred

    Usable single-seater on 24 hp?

    Kicking around various ideas for an inexpensive single-seater, I started looking for ways to fly on a $1,600 Honda GX630 engine. Add an Ace redrive and you are up to about $2,400. The specific GX690RHTDW remote-throttle model I looked at is rated by the factory a 22 hp but...
  11. cluttonfred

    Lavorini electric Flying Flea

    Nedo Lavorini is a Mignet "disciple" from Italy who is well-known in the Flying Flea community for his one-off, aluminum-and-fabric designs very much in the Pou-du-Ciel family. This magazine excerpt is now more than 10 years old but still gives a glimpse of an intriguing and quite clean little...
  12. cluttonfred

    Aircraft wiring with 12v ignition?

    If you are setting up a plane with automotive 12v ignition, is there any point to having a separate master switch or just use the accessory circuit on the automotive ignition switch? You could still have an avionics switch to isolate anything sensitive, but the master switch doesn't seem to...
  13. cluttonfred

    Interesting approaches to cockpit cage construction?

    In the Simple pusher pseudo-jet thread, I described what is basically a pod-and-boom pusher design disguised to look like a generic jet trainer. I had in mind a welded 4130 steel tube, bolted aluminum tube, or riveted aluminum tube and gusset cockpit cage at the center of the design, everything...
  14. cluttonfred

    VP-2 instrument panel layout ideas

    Just for fun, here are some possible layouts for a simple VP-2 instrument panel that assumes a handheld radio, no transponder, and no navigational aids except a compass. As you can see from the images above, the instrument panel is also a critical structural bulkhead so space is limited and you...
  15. cluttonfred


    There is an interesting brief article in the latest Sport Aviation (January 2020) about the three Karl brothers and their DarkAero 1 project for a "275 mph" RV-killer with a 200 hp UL Power 200 hp built in infused carbon fiber on CNC-cut 3D molds. It's interesting to see previously...
  16. cluttonfred

    For Sale Various single-seat aircraft plans

    ALL OF THESE PLANS HAVE BEEN SOLD. Cleaning out the collection of plans for projects I doubt I will ever tackle, I just have too many single-seaters: Currie Wot - Wood and fabric biplane, original hard copy plans purchased from LAA (ex-PFA) in UK Druine Turbulent - Wood and fabric low-wing...
  17. cluttonfred

    Talos Avionics 50% off for Boxing Day!

    I have no connection with this company but I do like the simplicity of their EFIS systems that include AHRS, pitot-static, and GPS to provide all your flight instruments and navigation in one little box connected to any tablet. They used to use wifi connections but now they only seem to offer...
  18. cluttonfred

    Thoughts on a wood geodetic light two-seater

    In the tradition of the 21st century Volksplane thread, I have been kicking around a concept for a wood geodetic light aircraft in the same weight class as the Evans VP-2, so about 1050 lb gross weight, but with far better performance thanks to lighter construction and cleaner design. The...
  19. cluttonfred

    Minimalistic transponder/ADSB panel in 2020?

    Just out of curiosity, I have seen a lot of new products come to market to support ADSB but most seem to assume that you already have a transponder installed. What's the lowest-cost option these days for a homebuilt starting from scratch but needing to operate in an area that requires ADSB...
  20. cluttonfred

    Bicycle landing gear pros and cons?

    A quick search of HBA for the term "monowheel" will find quite a few discussions that touch on single main landing gear arrangements, but they are usually referring to the taildragger variety with single main gear ahead of the CG, a tailwheel or tailskid, and outrigger wheels or skids. Are...
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