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  1. Joe Fisher

    Wind mills

    We are having a real problem here in Kansas.
  2. Joe Fisher

    Hose for pressure pot

    I have a pressure pot I bought in 1970. It has always been prefect for dope. The hose is old and stiff almost like a pipe. I looked all over the internet to find a replacement. I found a pressure pot and they also sell replacement parts. Bought the hose and put two coats poly spray on the wing...
  3. Joe Fisher

    Fabric iron

    I have been looking for a new iron for shrinking Dacron. All of the irons I have been able to find are automatic shut off. Dose any one know of a source of iron that is right for shrinking Poly Fiber and Ceconite.
  4. Joe Fisher

    Sterling cycle engine

    I thought that this is pretty cool.
  5. Joe Fisher

    Fly electric airplane with on batteries

    I wonder just how many will believe this? Nano Crystal Electricity
  6. Joe Fisher

    Donating to HBA

    Back September 9 I mailed a check to the HBA project and it has not come back yet. I am assuming it got lost in the mail. So I just made a Pay Pal donation. Jake or Belle if you would happen to get my check it just add it to the donation. Joe Fisher
  7. Joe Fisher

    I am not the only one with this concern.

    Barnstorming: Short and Sweet... Where Is The Industry Outrage? | Aero-News Network
  8. Joe Fisher


    I just saw I have had 10,003 visits to my page here at HBA. Must be some kind of mile stone.
  9. Joe Fisher

    Bugatti 100P flys

    This is cool to bad they had bad luck. I hope to see some video. First Flight For Replica Bugatti 100P | Aero-News Network
  10. Joe Fisher

    Broker leg

    Well I was making progress recovering my Cub. I have the fuselage,tail and right wing covered and first coat of Rand-O-Proof. Friday July 31 my wife and I drove up to Nebraska to work on our farm land cutting weeds from our CRP land. Saturday after noon I was walking in the 3' tall grass...
  11. Joe Fisher

    Propropsed new transponder rull

    AeroSports Update: Will Glider Transponder Rules Change? | Aero-News Network
  12. Joe Fisher

    Small turbine

    New Gas Turbine Engines For UAS Introduced | Aero-News Network
  13. Joe Fisher

    Recovering my Cub

    I know it is not a home built but it is what I am working on and I expect that some would like to see this work. First some history about my Cub and I. In the winter of1969 I had flown off the 40 hours on my first airplane Low Slow Joe. At that time my new game on Sundays was to go out and...
  14. Joe Fisher

    Terrafugia pitetions FAA to grant excepeption to LSA regs.

    Interesting Airborne 01.09.15: Terrafugia Petitions, Boeing Delivers, AMA: Don't Ground Us! | Aero-News Network
  15. Joe Fisher

    CDI for radial engines

    I was looking on the RC Universe site and I found this and I don't know why it wouldn't work on a full sized radial engine. It sure would make life easier for some one home building one not to have to have a distributor. I don't know how to make it work with only one magnetic pick up he must...
  16. Joe Fisher

    1/4 scale Afford A Plane

    Some of you Afford A Plane guys might like this Gallery Shots by APLANEGUY
  17. Joe Fisher

    Vought V-173 model

    Some of you might be interested in following the progress of this project. RCUniverse Member Profile: saramos
  18. Joe Fisher

    Yesterday morning my Dad gone west

    My Dad passed away he was 94 He was a farmer in Nebraska but from 1939 to 1945 he was an airplane man. He almost never talked to me about his experience but I have always kept the text books from his Navy schools on aircraft maintenance. My uncle was a pilot and flew the Hump in a C-46. Late at...
  19. Joe Fisher

    1/3 rd scale B-17

    This is the first time I have seen this and I just can't believe such a work of art, I am in aw. Home - Bally's Bomber
  20. Joe Fisher

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