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    Interesting VW aircraft

    Plans fpt a scale model here MA PLANS 1977 | Academy of Model Aeronautics at the bottom in December issue
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    Any tips for a good used/starter o-scope

    If you we close to Salem on the Left Coast I'd gift you my 545
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    Any tips for a good used/starter o-scope

    Check out for feed back before you buy
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    Russian Argo

    I found this today, it appears to be a Argo or Argo derivative
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    No Excuse Now

    Due to my company having us work from home (telephone tech support) just the usual
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    Any tips for a good used/starter o-scope

    My go to scopes are Tek Sc502, Rigol SA1052 that the SN was "Bit Twiddled" to make it go to 100Mhz, the firmware is actually downgraded to allow this., Tek 545, and a Tek 7613. Best bet is to watch Craigslist also check out TekScopes Group for advice on which to avoid.
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    Gearbox Chip Detector

    All of the Military Helicopters I worked on had them also, yes some false alarms but prevented a lot of crashes, lost equipment & lives.
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    Ebay Today

    Wrong side of the US for me otherwise He-- yes
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    Gearbox Chip Detector

    Could you find one that has a smaller diameter & put it in an adapter
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    Modern day "motorcycle of the air" aircraft class?

    Graham Lee at the time of his death was working on something like this from what I remember
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    What could be done to reinvent the Affordaplane to a more homogeneous project?

    One of our members is working on generating a set of Drawings for Le Pelican
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    Drying out fuel tank

    Use a Brushless fan to move some air into the tank
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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    Ever read The Ransom of Black Stealth One by Dean Ing?
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    Prize Money

    Where do the dollar bills go?
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    The big video topic
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    Pictures of my 1835 cc, flywheel drive VW engine project

    Besides the HVX mods did you have to do any other modes such as thrust bearing & end play shims?
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    Using heated trowel to Form Micro

    I did some research, they make "dry" irons also, in other works they don't have the holes in the plate, water reservoir etc. If they don't come with a none stick coating put a big piece of the kapton film they use on 3d printers on the sole/face.
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    Using heated trowel to Form Micro

    "2 Thumbs up"
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    Using heated trowel to Form Micro

    I've thought of that, or taking a surplus heated plate couple a temp controller & apply Kapton film to the surface. I've used heat to get epoxy to flow into areas th seal them in the paste. It was part of an ISO documented procedure.
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    Using heated trowel to Form Micro

    Thanks, I can't remember where I heard/read about it the first time. I've toyed with the idea of building a heat/temperature controlled trowel
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