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  1. J

    Critique my design

    This is design idea have had for a number of years. The aircraft I vision would be a single seat,shoulder wing, all metal aircraft with VW engine light sport aircraft. One of the problems I am having is the wing. Most light planes with a shoulder wing have there wings swepted forward a few...
  2. J

    BD-6 Light Sport

    Are there anybody building a BD-6 out there? I have been to the Bede web page on the net. They don't have much information on the BD-6. I was just wondering do you think it can be built as a light sport aircraft. It will need a new wing. I don't think wing area 55.5 sg/ft. is going to do it. I...
  3. J

    Colibri MB-2

    I am looking to buy a set of plans for the Colibri MB-2. Can anybody help. Jim Williams
  4. J

    Aircraft Structures

    I used to own a 46 luscombe 8A and one day when landing I got bit by the old Luscombe ground loop and ended upside down. The old girl didn't look so good now. After I got over feeling like an ass. I started rebuilding some parts. The first was the ease the vertical tail. Removing the damaged...
  5. J

    wood / metal

    The Swiss Colibri MB2 is a wood design with a VW engine. I would like to make a all metal version of the aircraft. The empty weight of the wood Colibri is about 390 lbs, wing span 20 ft with 89 sqft wing area, lenght 15 ft. My Question is , is it possible to build an all metal Colibri and keep...
  6. J

    My Own Design

    Hello to All, Iam new to this list, but I am not a new homebuilder. I have built two Midget Mustangs and started a third. But like many aircraft homebuilders I would like to build my own design. Iam at the age now where I don't care to carry passengers. I what a single seat A/C. I don't care...