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    anybody have a one off design non standard engine that has insurance ? In my probing around i've heard different accounts that unproven planes are hard to insure . any body have any experiance here? just looking for the liability part, not hull scott
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    wing design

    a while back i was reading an article on wing shapes but cant remember where. the piece showed the stall areas i think on a taper wing and a elipticle wing verses a rectangle type wing and my question is what is the characteristics of the stall on these wings? does the taper and elipticle have...
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    2180 great planes vw for sale

    on barnstormers/experimental there is a 0 time 2180 vw for sale 2500.00 if anyone needs a vw its a good price
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    site found

    I found a site with some interesting instruments for homebuilts the pricing is austrailia dollars some cool stuff if its any good digital and glass cockpit efis type stuff check it out
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    new guy

    Looks like a good site I'm starting a replica p40 project and need all the help i can get:D from what i have seen there is a lot of experiance her on the site and i hope to be able to take advantage of the other builders experiances I haven't started it yet but the plan is 2 place < 800...