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  1. Steve Madsen

    For Sale Squadron Aviation Spad 13 ultralight Replica Bi plane430 Cayuna SHARP!

    1986-87-build 70Hrs TTEA. disc brakes, steerable tailwheel. cht,egt,tach,asi,turn n bank,alt,sight tube fuel gauge,gearbox temp, baggage sling.2nd owner purchased from builder. Have 1987 sport aviation mag picturing this plane! Runs and Flys Now.Real Looker. must sacrifice. $6500.Will post a...
  2. Steve Madsen

    For Sale Tail dragger FlutRbug Runs ,Flys,Looks nice.13.000 or reasonable offer

    Makes. light sport category and is in fresh condition inspection as of june. I have my eye on something and need to sell the bug. 12. hrs and climbing on fresh bottom end,oil pump, and rings. A75-9 with electric start. Fun airplane. Over the ice low 100mph - YouTube Stevorotor lands the Bug on...
  3. Steve Madsen

    My Spad 13 Squadron replica ultralight

    has a 2SI433 ,full panel,disc brakes. only 60 some hrs on the hobbs.I have 3hrs in it myself with 20some t+ls and its a fun little flyer. I am the third owner since builder in 1988 and have tracked down and chatted with the original builder. Needless to say he is thrilled it is still around and...
  4. Steve Madsen

    Turbo normalized type 4 ?

    Has anyone ever turbo charged a 2400 cc type 4 VW with a Ellison A3 tbi on it? This one is a PTO end direct drive. Thinking of flying high 12-15000 ft. I know they are available for VW powered buggies and such. Intake needs? exaust needs? Special tuning?Any info would be helpfull Thanks. Steve...
  5. Steve Madsen

    For Sale Falcon U/L Price Slash again! $5000 Must sell

    Falcon U/L SOLD Sold
  6. Steve Madsen

    For Sale Falcon U/L New Price $6000.OBO

    Price Slashed On the 277Rotax/pipe powered U/L New Fabric on wings(stitched+taped)Nice Job! Runs Strong,Flys well.Flys regularly. Flew to,at, and from Oshkosh. Nice little Falcon.
  7. Steve Madsen

    Hirths f33

    Does anyone here have any experience with the 28hp f33.I am considering one as a replacement for a 277 that just developed a nasty vibration problem. Any and all opinions or advice appreciated. Steve.
  8. Steve Madsen

    Nelson engines?4cyl 2cycle, Help!

    Does anyone know anything about a nelson 45or so hp motor. 4 cyl 2 cycle Direct drive . Looks like a mac to me. Any exposure or experiences welcomed. Thanks Steve.
  9. Steve Madsen


    Heres another 6or7 year hangarqueen I resurected last fall and flew around 30 hours in. not a pretty restoration, but runs and flys well now. Very airworthy.
  10. Steve Madsen

    Hawk Arrow 2 elsa upgrade.

    We just recieved Aw certificate for changeover to ELSA after last Tuesday FAA inspection just under the extension deadline. She flys great, and climbs like a homesick angel.
  11. Steve Madsen

    Stits Flutterbug sa6b?

    Does anyone know anything about the sa6b flutterbug. Only 3 on the faa site I found. I would like to know a little more before I jump on this one I'm looking at. Thanks Steve.
  12. Steve Madsen

    Hawk Arrow2 on Full Lotus 1400's

    Has any one here ever flown a Hawk11 on floats? Any insight helpfull. Steve.
  13. Steve Madsen

    For Sale Falcon U/L 500161 For Sale

    1984 Falcon U/L canard, 277 powered many upgrades and completely gone thru/inspected,R+R as needed.Too much to list. Strong runner,Flying almost daily Now.$6500. check the video on the link. It's about a week old.YouTube - D&Dtv - Falcon Ultralight Steve Madsen 1-414-610-2715
  14. Steve Madsen

    How bout a 1.6 turbocharged 4cylford/merc.

    Thinking about a buttercup with a DOHC 1.6L Merc XR2Capri motor.Plugs up,belt redrive tall up. 16 valve turbo charged, injected.. Light, torquey,powerful, heat,A/C, electric start, cheaper than a Conti.Any thoughts. All will be appreciated and considered. Steve.
  15. Steve Madsen

    Cdi upgrade for rotax 277?

    Hi all Does anyone know of a good electronic ignition mod for a 277 Rotax? Is there one that any of you might like better than another? Any tips would be appreciated. Steve.
  16. Steve Madsen

    Wanted 277 gaskets.

    Hey all I just need a head gasket, intake port gasket, and crankcase halves gasket for a rotax 277. If anyone has a deal out there let me know. Thanks Steve.
  17. Steve Madsen

    Both completed(last summer 08)

    Hi all. Here are some pics of my projects, both done in the last two years. Hornet Gyro,scratchbuilt everything except the blades, bolts, bearings,springs,cables, engine, prop and tires. 503, Tennessee prop.Dragonwings blades, homebrew prerotator(18 months start to finished) And my classic 1984...