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  1. airbike

    For Sale Gearbox A type

    You can email me at eaabuilder at
  2. airbike

    For Sale Gearbox A type

    It is 2.0:1 ratio give me your text number.
  3. airbike

    For Sale Gearbox A type

    It is type A. Your rotax engine must have provisional- 4 bolts. It is good condition. It will fit to rotax 377-503 only. You will need a spacer also. I sell Gearbox A type for $250 firm. Send pics by PM or private email.
  4. airbike

    Wanted Cvjek skyfly CA-65 project with or without engine.

    Yes I bought it this morning.
  5. airbike

    For Sale Challenger II project with no engine

    Pace, Florida near to Pensacola, Florida is approx 10 miles
  6. airbike

    For Sale Challenger II project with no engine

    My 1998 long wing - Challenger II is very complete project and no fiberglass nose cone. Real good airframe! See pics here. Wing struts on cover. Need new cover. 10 gal fuel tank. It needs 503 rotax engine. Wheels and brakes and one brake handle. New cushion seats. Wing struts Price: $3000.00
  7. airbike

    75 hp continental engine

    75 hp Continental engine time total is 254.1hrs SMOH since 2013. Logbook and yellow tags. I decided to go to hangar and took pics of 75 hp Continental engine logbook. I post pics here. Not include carburetor and magnetos. I do have harness wiring and baffle. Price $2500.00 and pick up or you...
  8. airbike

    For Sale 2005 Rotax 582

    It is 30 hrs since rebuilt by AP mechanics Rick Davis. The 582 removed from Kolb Mark IIl in October 2019. The engine still runs. It has a elec. starter and y pipe and 3.1 ratio gear. $3750.00
  9. airbike

    Wanted Caliver 105 aircraft complete or incomplete project and retractable gear.

    Want to buy Caliver 105 complete or incomplete project. Please let me know if you have incomplete or finished project. I have 0-290 lycoming engine for Caliver or Skyfly.
  10. airbike

    Wanted Cvjek skyfly CA-65 project with or without engine.

    I prefer retractable gear Aircraft. I love Caliver and Cjetv Skyfly so much. I will choose Caliver 102 if not able to find skyfly. Thank you.
  11. airbike

    Wanted Cvjek skyfly CA-65 project with or without engine.

    Want CA-65 Skyfly project is incomplete or owner died and he did not finish his airplane. I hope that you have Cvjek skyfly incomplete project with plans. Text or email me. I will come and pick it up.
  12. airbike

    For Sale Challenger long wing and Single seat

    Complete fuselage on gear and nose gear and tail feathers and wings and wing struts and full instrument and Rotax 447 motor. It will need to finish working wires and minor work 447 rotax engine still runs. Sell it for $3500 or $2500 minus rotax 447. pick up or freight. Photos on August 6...
  13. airbike

    N-3-2 pup plans

    No, I have Airbike plans left now.
  14. airbike

    Wanted 75 hp Continental parts I need.

    Oil sump Crankshaft ....not accept prop strike 2 Magnetos Please send me your cost and pics of your 75 hp Continental parts.
  15. airbike

    For Sale Rotax 447 provisional engine

    A complete set of engine case with OEM crankshaft. It includes cylinders, head cylinders, ignition, recoil, Pistons, piston rings. Fan rear accessory, and no gearbox. I sell it for $600 or OBO. I accept PayPal only. If you are very interested in rotax 447, ask me to send pics by email.
  16. airbike

    For Sale Rotax 377

    I sell rotax 377 provisional engine parts such as cylinders, crankshaft, head cylinders, ignitions and more. They are OEM. You can use a drive A or B. My 377 engine has 8 holes. $250.00 or best offer. Pics will send by email or text.
  17. airbike

    For Sale J-6 Karatoo and Super Cub LMX-5 plans

    For sale original plans and they are good look 👀 drawing sheets. Include rib patterns. They are very large drawing size. LMX-5 fuselage you can use aluminum or wood either. J-6 Karatoo fuselage consists of steel tube. I decide to keep my LMX-5 and K-6 Karatoo plans, because nobody buys them...