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  1. Mad MAC

    Light weight diesel auto conversion

    One might find a candidate engine in one of the diesel ATVs or similar recreational vehicles.
  2. Mad MAC

    Lift struts....

    Sounds like a reason to buy a 3d printer.
  3. Mad MAC

    Wood Construction Resources

    I see you are missing ANC-19 Wood Aircraft Inspection and Fabrication which is here (I am not going to try and reduce the file size to allow up load).
  4. Mad MAC

    Static Margin too low (4.5%). What to do?

    Extend the rear fuselage, its easier to address excessive static margin than insufficient in flight test (one can always cut the stabiliser down). Stinson has a method where one cuts out the plan view and the side elevation and uses a pin to find the centre of mass of the cutout. Always good...
  5. Mad MAC

    Minimum Fuel Tank Vent Line Diameter

    The quick and dirty response is the old FAR23 requires the fuel system to deliver a flow rate of 1.5 x the engines maximum fuel consumption, which may set the required airflow into the tank, assuming you don't do anything odd with it (pressure refueling, subject it to extreme thermal cycles with...
  6. Mad MAC

    Dimple and Deburr Sequence

    If I recall correctly holes are dimpled at pilot hole size and then drilled / reamed to final size, to ensure a good rivet fit.
  7. Mad MAC

    Using every inch of runway

    An Indonesian F27 (Navy I think) got a bit low on patrol and bent the prop tips on the sea, then a bit later got flown to NZ in said state for overhaul. Then there is the story of F27 dart engines being started in Indonesian by rapping a rope round the prop (or spinner never seen a pic) and...
  8. Mad MAC

    Aluminum wing spar to cabin floor attachment

    So this is a 3 peice wing, 2 sings and a built in centre section, I take it. I have only seen design that interrupts the longerons in GA for single engine GA, most designs don't tolerate the extra depth in the cabin. There seem to be two solutions to the external doubler on the longeron, one...
  9. Mad MAC

    Steel as a homebuilt material ?

    With stainless its all about the degree of cold working, the above figures are not for full hard, full hard 301 & 304 are about 175 ksi. Having ran the numbers for a 301 full hard, 0.015" thick dumbbell spar verse the standard extruded cub spar, it comes out about 7% lighter but also carries a...
  10. Mad MAC

    IFR capable plane with auto conversion

    As a rescue Helicopter Pilot told me, one of the greatest safety improves they got from Night Vision Goggles was, that they would realise the weather was far worse than they thought, and turn around and go home. With an Auto engine, the biggest improvement would be make sure you have flown at...
  11. Mad MAC

    Aeolus-Aerodynamic Analysis and Optimization

    You read that lift to drag chart like topicgraphical map, high efficiency is the high ground.
  12. Mad MAC

    Changing cg for heavier firewall forward weight

    Hmm so you are looking at something on the order of 100 lb changing from an EA81 to EJ25. That's going to hit your payload quite hard, even before getting it in balance. A mix of the following might work: Spend more money on a lighter prop, cowl and spinner. Shorten the engine mount Be...
  13. Mad MAC

    [split thread] increasing Vne on the CH 640

    Hmm 2 pages and no one has pointed out that structurally GA aircraft are Gust load critical (except for some Aerobatic aircraft) and increasing the speed will increase the gust loading. Before even considering flutter one should make sure that the gust loads with in the limits of the airframe...
  14. Mad MAC

    LSA Weight to be 3600 Pounds soon !!!

    Apparently one of the airspace intrusions for the London Olympics was some farmer who had no licence and an unregistered Cessna 150 which he used to fly between a pair of farms he owned for something like 20 years.
  15. Mad MAC

    Hole edge clearance question

    Since no one has mention it the analysis method for the flattened end is lug analysis (its pretty simple, a bit of geometry and a couple of graphs). I would use a thicker than normal washer under the bolt head to ensure the...
  16. Mad MAC

    Miles Aircraft.

    This museum might be the place to start, as its the closest thing to a Miles Aircraft Museum there is. They may not be able to supply drawings but may be able to tell you who to ask.
  17. Mad MAC

    Scrappy’s Landing Gear Wings - Yay or Nay?

    I can see why he has done it but its horrible, it doesn't require that much of a design change to make it a single stub wing and strut. It also decreases the aircrafts effective dihedral. Plus with the propwash asymmetry, could have interesting power effects.
  18. Mad MAC

    Safety Alert Kolb 111 Extra Rudder and Tail boom flutter

    Did both parts of the tape come off with the tab, or did one stay on the rudder, if so, it could driven the flutter or have help maintain the flutter.
  19. Mad MAC

    Sheet Metal Engine Mount?

    I can't remember (mosquito maybe) what but some WWII aircraft with a RR merlin had a riveted engine mount initially (riveted tube & folded rivet sheet). The extended fuse approach does make changing the engine make or model a bit more difficult.
  20. Mad MAC

    Electric SSDR Motor Glider

    So really what is the differance between a self launching glider and motor glider. I only ask as far as I can tell the only differance is if you are willing to make the engine fold away. As a comparison airframe the PW-5 glider might be another good option.