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    Bullet proof protection? Do we need it?

    10 - 15 years ago, there was a NOTAM warning low flying aircraft to avoid areas around Bonny Doon, Felton, and Ben Lomand Calif. Seems there was a farmer out there who didn't take kindly to airplanes out there spying on his cash crop, and numerious aircraft reported bullet holes in their planes...
  2. Waiter

    Long ez plans (COPYS)

    You can download a copy of the templates here; Waiter
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    About the Varieze

    As others have mentioned, Any airframe is a compromise. Although the LongEZ is probably one of the most unique (cool) looking aircraft there ever was (That was one of the main reasons I built one) It does excell in some areas, and sucks in others. The LongEZ was originally designed as a High...
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    Fighter Stick grip

    I thought about the Videogame option, but decided to opt for the Infinity stick. I found the stick to be worth the money. Good quality workmanship and parts. The stick comes prewired with the length of cable you specify. Here are some of the switch assignments I've used The switches...
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    experimental exhibition to homebuilt?

    In the past, I've registered many L39s in the Exhibition class. It really wasn't any more restrictive than the Amateur built class. There were a few hoops that needed to be jumped through. If I recall, I had to submit an annual "Program Letter" to my FSDO telling them where I intended to...
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    6-seat canard homebuilt?

    They make Baggage pods that hold Skis, golf clubs, etc. They look like bombs mounted under the wings. Waiter
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    Have any of these features ever been incorperated into a homebuilt?

    Constant speed prop Full Retractable Gear Glass cockpit (no steam guages) I FLY EZ Waiter
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    Need info on composite

    The LongEZ Wings and Canard are built using a "Moldless" construction. With that said, the "Mold" or "Core" actually become part of the structure. The wings and Canard both have Spar caps built into them, then the core kind of acts like a continous "Wing Rib", serving to transfer wing loads...
  9. Waiter

    Can anyone explain the differences between a turboprop and piston propellor?

    I would think that the props could be identical. Given that the prop speed is the same, 400 hp is 400 hp, the prop doesn't know where its coming from. Issues to take into consideration, ground clearence (prop diameter) this will drive how many blades are on the prop. Keep in mind, the more...
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    painting a varieze other than white

    Check this link, scroll down to the June 9 entry. I FLY EZ Waiter
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    where do you post an ad here

    I'm confused; (not hard to do) What is the difference between an ad and something for sale? Could you post your ad in the "For Sale" section? Waiter
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    2 Quick questions

    Etterre summed it up nicely. 1st - An experimental must comply with the same rules as a production certified (all the FARs), PLUS, the experimental must also comply with its stated Operating Limitations. There are a couple exceptions to the "Not carry persons or Property for hire", but these...
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    where do you post an ad here

    If your reading this, then goto the upper left corner of this page and click on "Home". Now scroll down to the "For Sale / Wanted" header. You'll find several sub forums like "For Sale", "Free", etc, etc, Waiter
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    Have you seen the 'Sully' animation? Pretty cool..

    Like Vortilon, I've also dealt with several dyer emergencies during my flying carrier. In each of these emergencies, I (we) was so busy dealling with the emergency, I just didn't have time to ponder to graveness of the situation. (I think Pilots have a nack for staying focused, thats one of...
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    Have you seen the 'Sully' animation? Pretty cool..

    This is the first time I heard/read the CVR transcripts, very cool heads. Waiter
  16. Waiter

    About the Varieze

    Again, Kent beat me to the punch :-) Building a LongEZ will require a small increase in time and money over a VariEZ, But the Long is a significantly improved aircraft over the Vari. Step 1) Purchase a "TERF" CD set, This includes all of the Rutan plans, including the LongEZ. (Check E-bay)...
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    Buying aircraft with lost logs question

    Anyone may work on an Experimental aircraft. However, you will need at minimum an A&P (or the Repairmans Certificate for that airframe) to sign off the Condition Inspection. If the aircraft is licensed, then it must have a dataplate. If you have a dataplate, do an FAA search for the...
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    Buying aircraft with lost logs question

    Start by contacting your local FSDO or DAR and explain the problem to them. I've found the FAA most helpful in these matters. Basically, your starting from scratch. In order to license the aircraft under the EXPERIMENTAL > AMATEUR BUILT", you must provide documention that the majority of the...
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    Tired after car trip or airplane trip?

    Sound, Vibration, and lower Oxygen level contribute to fatigue. I generally take a couple Ibeprofine before a long flight. seems to help a lot. Waiter