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  1. GTX_Engines

    Yamaha Aircraft Engines: A History & Buyer's Guide

    It is wonderful to see Yamaha Genesis engines have now been provided their own category here on HBA. Thank you. HISTORY Pretty sure this is your first thread on the subject. First mention of Yamaha on Homebuiltairplanes The thread above was posted 10/9/2010. I found the HBA forum and that...
  2. GTX_Engines

    World's First Yamaha 160 HP STOCK @ 170lbs Installed Flies!

    Click on this title link:
  3. GTX_Engines

    World's First 160HP Stock Yamaha Aircraft Engine is FLYING!

    Mohawk Aero Corps has completed and successfully test flown (after extensive ground running of the power plant) 2 hours off of their newest Yamaha conversion engine offering: the 2011 - 2018 model years for the 160HP Apex EXUP snowmobile engine, with titanium headers incorporating an...