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    U shape brackets

    EAA has a video their site... basically it involves bending two pieces, drill and use a bolt with spacer to hold spacing and alignment and then fitting the base together for a weld. It could come out well with a little extra effort and solves some of the obvious problems...
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    Shop/Build questions

    Ventless gas heaters are cheapest to run on a BTU basis as 100% of heat remains in room and they are better at effciient combustion. Ventless and vented both consume oxygen, so a tight room could show an oxygen diffencieny but the heater typicallyhas an oxy sensor. Ventless gives off carbon...
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    UV Question - Rot from the inside ???

    Hello... I'm planning on covering with a poly-fiber system and have been totally sold on the need to provide UV protection (they recommend 3 costs doubled up - actually 6 layers total of aluminized coating). Without UV protection poly rots quick - no question !!! ... Anyhow... my design has...
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    'Minimum' TIG?

    I think you get what you pay for as in most things in life. The new "electronic" inverter welders have the advantage of low weight and portability, while the conventional xfmr units weigh a LOT more. I have a Lincoln TIG 185 and am very pleased. It has almost all the features I need and...