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  1. George Sychrovsky

    rapid prototyping

    The joint has no effect on the G-loading, It “hangs” from the bottom half , If anything the two halves are pushed together in a high G-load not pulled apart.
  2. George Sychrovsky

    vector 610 prop clutch

    This clutch is not supposed to be free wheeling, it only slips a little bit on a power pulse to dampen the load shock. The first ultralight I ever saw was a Vector that landed on our RC field, it was 1987.
  3. George Sychrovsky

    Neuform service

    I am an authorized repair station for Neuform propellers. I spent a week of training with the factory guys and been doing it now for two years but never officially mentioned it. I do 1000 hour inspections and repairs, experimental and certificated.
  4. George Sychrovsky

    My UL motorglider concept

    No real progress but I found my tail boom mold today.
  5. George Sychrovsky

    Crow Island Fall Fly-in Oct 2012
  6. George Sychrovsky

    Converting a Fan cooled 503 Rotax to free air cooled

    I make fiberglass free air rotax cowls, thats what most everybody here is using for sale
  7. George Sychrovsky

    New composite gear style

    Returning back to my projects after some intermission , this is how its meant to be used And can you get rid of the spammer above
  8. George Sychrovsky

    rapid prototyping

    It means you build it the simplest crudest way only to function as a prove of concept, you skip all kind of details and finishing, you allow for making changes as needed while testing. like for example bolting the two halves together instead of bonding. Its not something you take to the air shows.
  9. George Sychrovsky

    rapid prototyping

    I didn’t count them but I estimate around 180 as I worked on it about 20 hours a week for a period of nine weeks.
  10. George Sychrovsky

    rapid prototyping

    Here is what can be done with rapid prototyping methods. Any desired shape without any molds using only shaped foam
  11. George Sychrovsky

    Microlift Glider

    So much for the Microlift Glider
  12. George Sychrovsky

    Too many engines here

    As they say a picture is worth a thousand words I supplement my broken English with pictures, there is one Cuyuna and two 447 in the pic
  13. George Sychrovsky

    Too many engines here

    I have a bunch of engines just waiting to be put to good use . From 28hp Mz34 Cayuna 447s to 52hp 503. Turns out Topaz is not getting any of them so I have to give them away somehow. Eligible applicants must have a cool design of their own in the stage ready for an engine installation...
  14. George Sychrovsky

    New ultralight

    Turned out Fishman bought their prototype and electrtified it Ultralight Electric Glider Debuts At Oshkosh
  15. George Sychrovsky

    The "Don't turn back" thing:

    The turn off departure pattern is the safest way, Its commonly used at our small field which would have a dead zone of no return otherwise, It can be seen in our videos nicely Flying on Crow Island - YouTube Spring Flying At Crow Island - YouTube
  16. George Sychrovsky

    rotax rick

    Excelent. Those take offs look almost as good as my Himax with 277 HiMax - YouTube
  17. George Sychrovsky

    Powered chutes

    Rides and training is once again available at my field with a purchase of the SLSA aircraft. New England Chute Flyers - Powered Parachute Flights, Sales, Training, Instruction in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont Here is me put on the color matching...
  18. George Sychrovsky

    Moldless composite mold

    Maybe something like this Fiberglass parts
  19. George Sychrovsky

    A challenge to you all

    I have some bad news for you, nobody here is going to design your great cheap ultralight, the challenge is your own , put more effort into getting a higher paying job, or maybe sell your children for scientific experiments.
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