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  1. Re: What did you do on your airplane project today?

    I finished making the RV-10's hard aluminum fuel lines, including a return line for the fuel injection. They are all installed now (I consider my scraped up arms to be proof).

    I also measured for...
  2. Re: What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Engine baffles. Primarily the rubber seal material and the tension rods that hold the metal baffles around the cylinders. Lots of fiddly stuff.

    I'm currently contemplating whether to work on the...
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    Re: HVLP turbine for Poly-Tone?

    Painting is tough. All sorts of random things seem to happen in the couple of hours when you're somewhat exposed to "one little thing".

    I like to prime and do some painting outdoors. I can pick...
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    Re: Name that glider

    The Bob 13.5.

    Why? You bobbed the wings and tail of a previous glider to make it into a 13.5M sailplane.

  5. Re: Full Accident Report - T-51 Fatal Crash, NZ

    Here's the problem: Instead of doing the work to figure out how things work, how things should work, how something should be designed, or what could be improved on an existing T-51 feature, you...
  6. Re: What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Today I did a Tech Counselor visit on an RV-7 project a friend bought from a friend. I hadn't seen that project in a decade or more. It is looking good.

    Last night (on the RV-10), I installed the...
  7. Re: wheres BWB? Ampmeter? Cooper? Old timer Homebuilt usergroup

    Old crowd? Sheesh. I've been the youngest guy around for the last 20 years...
  8. Re: Sandable glue/filer for foam: PU glue + spackle (Mar 2019 Kitplanes)

    I know several builders used expanding foam as a filler (to fill wingtips and the like) and have been surprised later. Since (I believe) polyurethane glue is a very similar product that doesn't...
  9. Re: most concerning LS3 conversion issues?

    Unfortunately, Ben passed away a couple of years ago, so much of the information on his successful conversion is gone.
  10. Re: What ever happened to A-10 Productions ?

    You don't need DU. You need something with 67% of the density of DU. ;-)
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    [For Sale] Re: Craigslist

    Cozy IV project with plans, tub, wings, wheels, brakes, gear. $1500. You could probably part it out for more than that...
  12. Re: What did you do on your airplane project today?

    I sanded the cabin top some more, cleaned it, and masked it in preparation for a squeegie coat (or three) of epoxy tomorrow.

    I also went back and forth with Aircraft Spruce again regarding our...
  13. Re: Is this the Privateer Orion was talking about?

    I'll throw in a couple of Aeronca projects. You get to fly the thing, and I'll hang out with the pretty girls in the pits. (There are pretty girls, right?)
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    Re: Learning how to "back drill"?

    Backdrilling is easy. I backdrilled most of the holes on my RV-6's wings and fuselage.

    You drill the substructure, then get inside the fuselage (for instance) or remove the opposing wing skin (in...
  15. Re: Is this the Privateer Orion was talking about?

    Is there any additional information out there about Gumbo? It is a very interesting project and is gorgeous to boot.
  16. Re: Is this the Privateer Orion was talking about?

    Here is the thread on POA where I saw the twin:
  17. Re: Is this the Privateer Orion was talking about?

    Speaking of Orion, there is/was a very hot looking twin powered by IO-720's that showed up for sale recently and was apparently one of his designs. By the looks of it, it was probably a single...
  18. Re: Wttman style landing gear options: tapered rod or flat. . . AL, Ti, or spring ste

    Off topic, but I have one like that on my part line from dropping the corner of an RV-10 door on my head. Complete dumbassery on my part and no alcohol was involved. Thankfully, it was about 1:00 in...
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    Re: Where have the parts gone ???


    Clearly, i need the current version of the decoder ring. ;-)
  20. Re: Early 2019 Christmas Wish - RV-7HW...Are you listening, Richard?

    Someone could design a steel tube high wing fuselage that would mate to RV wings, tail, and FWF. Relatively speaking, it shouldn't be that difficult.

    However, note the Vashon Ranger. See how it...
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    Re: O-360 or IO-360 more future-proof?

    What would stop you (or me) from doing that in an experimental application? Also, what are the benefits?
  22. Re: How did this happen (canopy cracking)?

    I'd go with a combination. Some sort of plexi-unfriendly solvent was used around the perimeter of the canopy and the stress of differential thermal expansion rates resulted in crazing of the areas.
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    Re: Badland Aircraft

    One of the worst websites I've tried to surf...
  24. Re: What did you do on your airplane project today?

    I hung the prop, using a Wile E Coyote scheme:

    I dropped down the door to the attic stairs in my garage.
    I propped a crowbar across the joists which are on either side of the stair opening. The...
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    Re: Vinyl Decals

    Vinyl has held up for 18 years as stripes and the checkerboard on the rudder on my RV-6.

    The key is to get vinyl designed for outdoor use with UV protection. The other thing that helps me is...
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