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    The new project aircraft VP 12. Ukraine

    I love it! Looks great no doubt! What will be the glide ration on this high aerodynamic quality?
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    Badland F2 kit

    Glad you got your project and I am glad you are working. In the State of California alone the unemployment rate has reached n early 30 percent. As high or higher than during the Great Depression Days. What strikes me odd about all of this "social distancing" is historically, only people who...
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    Moved to the airport...finally!

    I picked a partially built kit in Tampa, Florida and brought is back to Louisiana. I thought folks were going to run up my trailer looking at it! Made me nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs! Superb P-51. Is it a kit and if so which manufacturer?
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    Hardware & Material Suppliers

    I use Aircraft Spruce for 90 percent of my materials. Every single time I visit the Wicks website about 90 percent of their limited selections are OUT OF STOCK! A.C.S. prices are as competitive as I have found. For example, I have not found a better price for 6061 T-6 Aluminum tubing than...
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    Shoot My Plane Down.

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    Rotax 582 Alternative Possibility

    Thank you sir for your helpful guidance. I am going to look at the link you posted right now
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    Rotax 582 Alternative Possibility

    I have never flown behind a 582 yet. The Pulsar I am building calls for one. What is the best set up in you opinion ( oil and what not) ?
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    Simple six-pack replacement. Is there such a thing?

    Grand Rapids Technologies is about the best glass I have sen for the money.
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    Rotax 582 Alternative Possibility

    Gentleman, I am so grateful for the feedback to my question. I really and truly would prefer to fly behind a four stroke with the same weight as the 582. The builders group of the Pulsar are ADAMANT about using only the 582 in the Pulsar I series. The all keep saying more weight up front would...
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    Rotax 582 Alternative Possibility

    Also, the 582 is water cooled engine as well.
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    Rotax 582 Alternative Possibility

    The Pulsar I was introduced in 1989 also called the 582 Pulsar. Around 1992, demand for a four stroke engine in a Pulsar caused the designer, Mark Brown, to configure the 582 Pulsar to safely handle the weight of the heavier 911/12 engine, the fiberglass was beefed up and a few other...
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    What type of flying machines is this ?

    They all have cell phones though .
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    CriCri MC-15 in NZ

    Thank you. You are a gentleman sir.
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    Rotax 582 Alternative Possibility

    What ratio and oil you use?
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    Rotax 582 Alternative Possibility

    What is the best power setting to descend with while flying behind a Rotax 2 stroke?