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    Extreme High Altitude STOL Aircraft for Everest Ascent

    The Everest summit is perpetually covered in deep snow. I suspect under the deep snow you will find huge boulders. And the actual peak is tiny. So the tires won't help much. That said, many years ago they built a rough runway at an upper base camp and a Pilatus Porter landed and took off from it.
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    New and starting construction of a RW19

    Welcome Oscar! I am building a RW-20 Stork in Camarillo, California, USA. The EAA has some great books on amateur-built aircraft, including those written by Tony Bingelis, and the Wood Aircraft Building Techniques book. Indispensable is FAA Advisory Circular AC43.13-B (Acceptable Methods...
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    Yamaha Apex internal gear reduction.

    You guys need to join the Yamaha Engines for aviation facebook site. There are many reasons why a yammy jetski or Motorcycle engine won't work in an airplane. Search that site and you will find answers. And there is much more to a PSRU than simple gear reduction. One is that it serves as a...
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    Broad new UAS rules proposed today

    Drones are constantly flying over emergency and rescue operations, such as wildfires, busting the TFR's. Then the firefighting aircraft have to suspend operation. If this does not work they will have to outlaw drones. If an airplane busts a TFR they know who to arrest and suspend their flying...
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    Best Bang for the Buck STOL

    The Belite is an interesting option, but their factory burned down and he's trying to sell the rights to the airplane. Someone has to buy the rights and get it going again. I'm building a Ragwing Stork RW-20 (side by side seating)., with extreme STOL capability if kept light. The RW-19 is...