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    Picking a Plane

    Murphy is NOT out of business! You can consider a Rebel also, as it has been made as a 3-seater. But a used Super Rebel or Moose is the heavy hauler. Always wanted one but fuel burn is out of what I am comfortable with since I mainly fly solo. As much as you 'think' you will be flying with your...
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    For Sale Craigslist

    Truer words have never been spoken!! I have adhered to this always. Even though I have had other planes over the years, I always had a flying plane, which was the 172. I also have a RANS S-7 that I keep at my private strip, so I won't be without a plane while I try to finish up the Murphy...
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    For Sale Craigslist

    Hey Bill!! Yes sir, I still have the 172. Such a good old reliable plane. Really hard to beat a 172 for all around use. I know I will be a little heartbroken to see it go but, I just have too many projects and age is creeping up on me. I had contemplated selling it, but the spousal unit got...
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    Six Subaru Powered Airplanes

    I've got a damaged Murphy Rebel that was flown 300+ hours before the new owner damaged the plane. No fault of the engine. ANother one of my projects that needs to be sold. :)
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    For Sale Craigslist

    VB, Wow! That definitely sounds like a smokin deal! If I were in the area I would give it a serious looking at. Why are all the deal 1500 miles away? Lots of guys shy away from the Franklin engines, due to various reasons. But that plane would be a blast. The 220 Franklin requires 100LL. Avgas...
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    Best Bang for the Buck STOL

    Ardent, I see we think along the same lines! I actually have 3 Rebels, one nearly ready for sign off, another kit that has the tail section, wing and flapperons close to closing, and the last Rebel is a damaged one with a Formula Power Subaru engine. I'm thinking of selling the kit and the...
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    Best Bang for the Buck STOL

    After years of researching, I ended up going with the Murphy Rebel also. As Ardent mentioned, not sure if there is a better 'bang for the buck' airplane in it's class out there. One of the biggest load haulers and more of a size/feel of a certified plane than most of the others. I have a Cessna...
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    IFR capable plane with auto conversion

    This was my deck a week or so ago. He visists quite regularly. For refence, that top rail is several inches above my head when I am standing there. I'm 5'6". He's probably about 10' from me when I took that picture. I took another picture of him as he was about to stand up and look in the...
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    Back to the WhirlWind.....I purchased a 3-blade 70" WW for my RANS S-7. After doing a lot of research, the general thinking it was the best available at the time. Nearly as soon as I had it installed and took it flying, the blades started getting cracks. I sent pictures to WW and they said, and...
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    60 Years of Popular Mechanics saved from the dump

    OMG!! What a find! PM was one of my favorite magazines to browse through when I was in school. Study hall usually found me in the library looking through them. I still remember the Teenie Two and another aircraft that I can't seem to recall the name of, were my most drooled over articles. I...
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    Looking for VDo 2 1/4" Rotax 912 tach

    My tach needle is fluctuating terribly and I am in search of a replacemnt. The tach is a GAV333-159S VDO tach, full sweep, 2 1/4" I can't seem to find one anywhere. Apparantly it has been discontinued. My panel is all VDO instruments and I would really like to replace the tach with a similar...
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    For Sale Craigslist

    In regards to the T-bird, I may be misinformed, but I think for it to be legal it had to have been registered by a certain to date. It requires an N-number to be flown under LS. I would tread very lightly on this offering. I think the T-bird is also to heavy to be put into the UL catagory with...
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    How did you choose?

    Not a huge contribution to the thread but I would like to mentiion one thing...insurance! Maybe it's not a big deal in Canada, but in the US insurance can be a exhobanantly high on an aircraft that is not powered by the typical aircraft engine. Think Lycoming/Continental. The insurance premium...
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    4A-084 teledyne engines for sale

    I've got one of those engines in my shed!! ALways wanted to put it on a project....but it still sits in the corner.
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    S-LSA downsides

    Hot wings, The last few posts are what I was alluding to and has everything to do with it.