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    Flaps or flaperons

    I'm no aeronautical engineer, but my son is an aerospace engineer...or as he says, yes I am a Rocket scientist. LOL Anyway, from a personal and flyer aspect, I always refer to my experience in a Kitfox and Murphy Rebel, of which I own and fly. The Murphy Rebel is designed to be built either...
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    Flaps or flaperons

    Take a look at the Kitfox of Murphy Rebel. While the Rebel can be built with split flaps/ailerons, the majority of them are built with flapperons. Both aircraft type fly great with flapperons. I have flown in both types. Currently flying a Rebel and its a pretty stable aircraft with great...
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    Yes, what Bob said!! Or find a Champ, Chief, Taylorcraft, etc. that seemingly sips fuel, plus you can get TW endorsed at the same time. If your stuck on nosewheels, you can find Ercoupes for reasonable prices also. What's your goal and final mission? Beat around the patch, backcountry, cross...
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    I've got a couple of Rebel projects if you are interested.

    I've got a couple of Rebel projects if you are interested.
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    For Sale Murphy Rebel 50%, Prince George B.C. $13,000US or add O-320

    Since Ardnet has sold his, I won't be stepping on his toes. I have a couple of Rebel projects if anyone is interested. Like him, I have one close to completion, so the other two projects are going to be listed soon.
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    kitfox vs highlander

    Wow, old thread getting revived!! Owned a Kitfox IV and it is a nice little plane, not the most spacious of airplanes but great little planes. If it wasn't for all the hype from the STOL type videos, I doubt that Kitfoxes would be as popular as they are. They have been improved over the years...
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    Picking a Plane

    Murphy is NOT out of business! You can consider a Rebel also, as it has been made as a 3-seater. But a used Super Rebel or Moose is the heavy hauler. Always wanted one but fuel burn is out of what I am comfortable with since I mainly fly solo. As much as you 'think' you will be flying with your...
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    For Sale Craigslist

    Truer words have never been spoken!! I have adhered to this always. Even though I have had other planes over the years, I always had a flying plane, which was the 172. I also have a RANS S-7 that I keep at my private strip, so I won't be without a plane while I try to finish up the Murphy...
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    For Sale Craigslist

    Hey Bill!! Yes sir, I still have the 172. Such a good old reliable plane. Really hard to beat a 172 for all around use. I know I will be a little heartbroken to see it go but, I just have too many projects and age is creeping up on me. I had contemplated selling it, but the spousal unit got...
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    Six Subaru Powered Airplanes

    I've got a damaged Murphy Rebel that was flown 300+ hours before the new owner damaged the plane. No fault of the engine. ANother one of my projects that needs to be sold. :)
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    For Sale Craigslist

    VB, Wow! That definitely sounds like a smokin deal! If I were in the area I would give it a serious looking at. Why are all the deal 1500 miles away? Lots of guys shy away from the Franklin engines, due to various reasons. But that plane would be a blast. The 220 Franklin requires 100LL. Avgas...
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    Best Bang for the Buck STOL

    Ardent, I see we think along the same lines! I actually have 3 Rebels, one nearly ready for sign off, another kit that has the tail section, wing and flapperons close to closing, and the last Rebel is a damaged one with a Formula Power Subaru engine. I'm thinking of selling the kit and the...
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    Best Bang for the Buck STOL

    After years of researching, I ended up going with the Murphy Rebel also. As Ardent mentioned, not sure if there is a better 'bang for the buck' airplane in it's class out there. One of the biggest load haulers and more of a size/feel of a certified plane than most of the others. I have a Cessna...
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    IFR capable plane with auto conversion

    This was my deck a week or so ago. He visists quite regularly. For refence, that top rail is several inches above my head when I am standing there. I'm 5'6". He's probably about 10' from me when I took that picture. I took another picture of him as he was about to stand up and look in the...
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    Back to the WhirlWind.....I purchased a 3-blade 70" WW for my RANS S-7. After doing a lot of research, the general thinking it was the best available at the time. Nearly as soon as I had it installed and took it flying, the blades started getting cracks. I sent pictures to WW and they said, and...