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    LiteFighters: P-40/P-36 and beyond

    Hope it's not a huge secret but I spy another iteration of the Litefighter... Did I miss that somewhere or is it too soon? Also loved the sounds and looks at the P-36. Personally haven't been this excited about a replica since the WAR days in the 80s and these look so much better IMHO!
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    Ah did somebody say Beaver? Beavers are beautiful! I mean it’s really hard to beat a big brown Beaver.
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    LiteFighters: P-40/P-36 and beyond

    I hope some hard working youtuber stomps the grass and picks your brains, politely, and shares it with us shut ins. The fighter looks fantastic.
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    What causes the increase in lift with thickness ratio

    This is preparation for the actual check ride. I should have been more clear. The oral part of questioning is always much more challenging than the multiple guess portion. And especially on the CFI, when I was walking out to the plane to start the flight I was very relieved just to get to...
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    @John.Roo Thanks, I was looking for a better picture of the Vmax Probe.
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    What causes the increase in lift with thickness ratio

    Excellent, thanks to everyone for your input. I totally agree with the "right" answer for the FAA. I appreciate this advise most of all. It's easy to say something that's not the "rote" answer the examiner is looking for and end up in trouble. I'm going to say the answer is camber and leave...
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    What causes the increase in lift with thickness ratio

    I'm trying to help my daughter prep for CFI check ride. So she asked why does it increase lift at thicker ratios? My first thought was just due to increased distance on the top, assuming not symmetrical, thus creating more differential of pressure? But then I went down a rabbit hole of...
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    Olde Pilots Versus New Pilots

    Funny and definitely some truth to it. Like when ATC calls traffic and everyone looks at their Ipad screen instead of outside.
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    Okay not just to bring this terrific thread into the New Year but also to correct the egregious absence of two top contenders. Also it wasn't till Pg 23 we saw the AR-5. I would say the AR-6 is also right in there. But the Vmax Probe is my vote. Runner up...I'm biased obviously. Even...
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    Scaled Jets (F-16)

    I have to chime in and agree. I actually have 1.3 in a Viper (backseat) it was awesome, but if you can't have fun in a Funwifty you don't love flying. Back to scaled jet idea, I think the popularity and history of the A-10 would make it a huge hit in the scale warbird community. Also much...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    It’s very tough to make that call before you even get stopped, in fact it’s not much easier when you get the brake set. The information you are presented with at that moment is limited and you don’t want to interrupt a evacuation that’s needed. Best answer to to be primed to make the “remain...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    As Juan says the airlines are aware of the problem I received the same kind of scenario on the last training event. To be clear “we” received it. I’m in the right seat so in this case the less hot seat. My personal opinion is the passenger accessible doors need a “safety” installed not...
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    Cockpit size of a Thorp t18

    I'll respond because I just looked at an original plans circa 1969 T18. I'm 5'9" with 30" inseam. The plane felt like it was made for me. I had to dunk my head to slide the canopy closed after that it was perfect. Like rv7charlie said a lot depends on where your dimensions are. I will say...
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    Mike Arnold and the Sukoi 29 and 26

    Great video. I don't see how you could have gone with the name AR7...maybe AK7?
  15. wwalton

    ISO: low wing design, tube/fabric entry level acro

    Thanks Malte, I hope you get some useful building methods out of my learning process. Welding is an artform, I'm no artist, but I love learning to paint by number. When your ready to add welding to your list of skills then look up Little Scrapper on here and watch his videos. I'll update the...