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  • Hi, I am trying to find out if you ever converted the kitfox vixen to a tail wheel. I am having a rough time getting any info. I did talk to John Mcbean. I was not buying a new plane from him so all he said was it can't be done. I won't accept that answer from him.
    Please get in touch. Thank you Mike
    the simpsons , family guy , doc mcstuffins , toy story , my little pony , frozen , minions , mr bean , mickey mouse , peppa pig
    Yeah, I have not really been on here too much lately. I was on leave from mid Oct to early Nov and have not really gotten back here since. Getting ready for a PC ride, trying to figure out when we have to have stuff packed by, trying to figure out if I even have any additional duties I am responsible for (being in an impromptu company is funny like that), just being generally drag-assy with blinders on, I am sure you know what I am talking about. I don't really know about "heating up" but there is still a fair amount going on. I was very unsure as to what to expect over here, but I can assure you that we have definitely used the 58 in every conceivable mission profile (particularly CCA's!), and I have seen enough to really understand what our job is and to really appreciate doing it. I guess it just isn't cold enough to stop the insurgents yet, but believe me 0c is plenty F'n cold and it will only get lower. It is always funny briefing emergency un-assing the aircraft when we can barely get in and out with all the layers on. I have to lift my leg with my hands in order to get it over the cyclic. I was laughing and telling my buddy the other night, "good luck pulling me out if you have to" and his respons was an understandable "don't worry, I am not afraid of breaking your leg."

    Hopefully I will spend more time on here in the near future but probably not much, we move to the tents soon to make room for incoming, yipee! Take it easy man, i will talk to you later.

    Haven't heard from you for awhile. I've heard things are heating up over there. Who knows what the real deal is though.

    I'm in the Safety course and I just gave my Composite Risk Management brief to the class on the subject of conducting the Maiden flight of an experimental aircraft. Yeah....I'm sick :tired:.
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