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    Eppler Airfoils

    Not many, Eppler specifically made experimental lines.
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    Flying wing as cheap and simple option for basic fun flying.

    My conclusion: Cheap, Simple, Fun Flying Wing. Pick any two and build!
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    Metal tube joint basics

    We built a bolted Geodesic dome this way Not much for joint strength, but failure mode will always be buckling - in that structure. No wear was reported. Mostly holds up drapes.
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    Stagger 4 engine CAD

    So the issue stumping me now is Re-starter ring sizing. Auto motive type engines have flywheels in excess of the crankcase width, some very much so. What I'd like to determine is how much advantage this really gives in a midflight restart, or more to the problem, what examples are there of...
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    A FrankenFour Inline?

    Thread rift! FrankenFour, not FrankenRadial!
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    Nikasil Cylinders

    Nickel coatings are proven, but can harden, flake and trouble ring seal.They're my plan b liner. I prefer blueprinting with homogenous material.
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    Very low aspect ratio planes?

    Hi, Flying Blind. Welcome to the virtual hanger.
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    Gotta make this exhaust part

    This ^^^ . It will also work with properly sized wheel. Plug one end, fill, plug the other end, or as recommended by professional manifolders.
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    The 'daydreamers' thread...post your craziest designs and concepts here

    Doesn't belong here, that's totally sane.
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    A FrankenFour Inline?

    Think you'll get better fuel consumption with a 3 valve head. Driven by a single camshaft. Like the block, the block-head Is probably going to need modification or substitution. Plate Based case is a good deal. It could even be bolted, depends on our luck with Gaskets. Planetary redrive...
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    A FrankenFour Inline?

    Certainly, No need to do it the way I am. Case is all that really HAS to be new. You need to be a stringent and creative project manager. Absolutely, secure in your vision and performance requisites. There are many areas to absorb benefits, and all of them opportunities to falter. Suzuki...
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    Briggs vs Kohler and the state of the market for modifications

    How much does that cost? Your sump, and all the little extra bits to install it. How do you figure the installation expenditures?
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    Briggs vs Kohler and the state of the market for modifications

    Kohler's Command line runs a 2.64 stroke, while B & S made The jump to 810cc with a 2.89 stroke at nearly identical bore. Compared to the ductile iron one, the original has 88% the cc. What I'd like to do, is go a little further than that, opening it up 900cc, to get the power without Revs...
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    Briggs vs Kohler and the state of the market for modifications

    Watched a few instructionals. Zach Kerber has a CNC breather plate. Problem solved. One of them showed a ductile iron stroker Crank. another refurbished with new valves & a maxxed out bore. The market does seem to be getting along. With a good build up plan and an improved Crank, I think the...
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    Very low aspect ratio planes?

    The second cheapest way to fly being three of them.