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    New member here. My uncle gave me his Mong project to finish.

    Most people go with petroleum jelly, but I prefer any of the organic elbow greases.
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    Biplane Lift Distribution Questions

    It's appreciably the same as a Monoplane. You have some wind shear advantage with the conflicting vortices, but it's swiftly lost on the biplane drag multiple. You might use Schrenk Appoximate, the multi angle figure of sailplane manufacture, or the original lift loss formula. It really...
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    Totally new type of IC engine.

    This will work, I can see the horses going around in a circle now.
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    Redundant Rib Question

    Seems to me, A whole lot like a Compression/elongation test. That's not going to give you a fair representation of Tubular buckling criteria, or deflection under load, at least not without plugging into a sincere formula. At 10 in, your column is 10/1/2 So 20, which isn't a lot. Still, if...
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    Dorsal fin leading-edge curvature / sharpness

    My thought is for a petite strake ahead of the junction. Some of them really extend forward and I can't endorse those. You don't want excess skin surface in a transition.
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    Aerofoil layout

    The decision to scale incorrectly is NACA cannon, their foil, their call.
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    H-tails and triple tails

    U tail, that's what I'll be doing on Stubby, Removable stab, albeit pretty crudely.
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    SnS -:- 21 | Q&A

    Hi All, Scrapped the former draft, and started back with Grant's co-ordinates, modding from there. Gloss version: Recognizing that chord is 95.25mm, stratagem became to swap percentage for mm. That's been working pretty well, and got me a slight depth increase, 9.85 t/C which is well...
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    Diesel direct drive and flat

    Okay, yeah, I need to read prior to posting, while that's true, actual depth is 27", per model blueprint.
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    Tilted spar web? Partially tilted?

    Rereading the OP, I am going with RiggerRob's solution. Any other technic is one bit more complex.
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    Tilted spar web? Partially tilted?

    The load does apply off vertical, I drafted one regular box spar with a cant, but then flushed the files. Also for the Modified Grant-X there was something like 21/20 greater depth, at tilt, all good deals, but it would mean changing all the datums, modifying most parts for sub 9/10 reduction...
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    What If Design (WID)

    Tell you What Jedi, You get a plausible solution together, and I'll build my dream hanger, Forfeit 3 of 4 T unit & loft rooms, to your big cause. Also, has storage, lavatory, overgroud Glycol fuel tank & smoking gazebo.
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    2, 3, or 4 blades vs smaller prop diameter

    So here you definately Could switch to a four blade, which I like, but the main reason to do so is blade width going into a less appealing proportion. For my sns biplane interpretation , doubling the blade count doubles the blade area. Equivical 2 blade prop would be 9" wide & 15" long...
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    Anyone Have Contact With pwood66889?

    PM in Nov. '21, stated Pwood has a lot going on, as of then. Perhaps the effort took up Pwood's attention, regards.