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  • I want one for my avatar, the sci-fi looking thing that appears by my name.
    The prop disk is small, and two props would get more power with less P factor (I think)
    Hello! Thanks for becomming a member of the group.
    What is your interest in CR props? Do you have a project?
    Call me to discuss details. 425 495 7946. Explain PNW versus CO on avitar. Call sooner rather than later please. Not familar with your program. Three axis mill uses Space Claim and is in AZ. However, I can deliver to PNW once per year and that time is approaching. Give expected overall dimentions on mold and material desired. I would suggest wood product with fiberglass finish. Would you want the glass installed or would you like to finish?

    My son Ron has the equipment. You may call him directly at 520 399 1741.
    Can't see much here. Got the one wing. Couldn't see the boatplane anywhere. You've got it all in your noodle, don't you.
    Spill it on the page man! Let's have a look.
    P.S. Your profile picture is a carnival of wonder.
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