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    The Ranger, an easily built high wing LSA runabout

    Looks like a cool project. You should consider putting it on Grabcad, so people can follow the updates, and you can share the files as you like as well. And it also helps with version control and backup, without needing the expensive version of solidworks. I've been using it for my modeling of...
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    Plywood suppliers???

    Depending on the use, some of the true marine grade stuff might be worth looking at.
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    Torque Wrench

    The harbor freight ones are surprisingly accurate. Easy to test: run an bolt through a pipe clamped to the workbench, use two nuts to hold a lever arm, put weight on the end at a known distance. Set the torque wrench to the calibrated torque, see when it clicks. I did this for the 3/8 one for...
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    Fresh Air Mask- Supplied Air Mask

    I think stuff harvested from a cpap could be a really good source of a pump. They definitely show up at thrift shops, and I doubt the pump itself is what wears out. A cheap pwm controller could run the pump. You could overdrive the pump as well, since you don't need it to last 8 hours a day for...
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    Fresh Air Mask- Supplied Air Mask

    I've used a legit CNBr (chemical nuclear biological rated) PAPR when I was doing some interior car bodywork after high school, which had me inside the car with fumes. I didn't smell them at all until I went inside the house and took off the hood. But for the rest of the people that don't have...
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    Using solidworks to verify wing egress from basement

    Thanks, I'll give that a try. If it looks real tight, I'll probably knock out the wall before I build up the wing, and then reinstall the wall in a way that makes it easier to do next time. I measured the spare bedroom when I was first thinking about the project. If I used the closet, I can...
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    Using solidworks to verify wing egress from basement

    I've got a basement i'm planning to turn into a workshop for a fly baby. I do want to confirm that I will be able to remove the plane without needing to build egress windows through the foundation. The basement has a staircase in the middle, dividing between a finished and unfinished half. I'd...
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    Procedure for Spar lamination?

    Thanks, I'll shoot you a pm. One of the folks on the flybaby group was suggesting Johnsons workbench in Charlotte, mi where they've gotten spars for several planes. If they've got quality spruce, Doug fir, or ash, that removed the price difference of truck shipping and the aircraft spruce...
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    Procedure for Spar lamination?

    I'm currently in the planning stages of building a flybaby. I'm considering a laminated spar, since it would allow me to be more certain of the quality of the wood, as I could inspect it every 3/4 inch or so.. I would likely purchase the wood at public lumber in Detroit. Options include "Spar...