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59, married, two kids (grown). Retd USAF Reserve with background in ICBM maintenance, radar (GCI) ops, and F-4 and F-16 fighter wing weapons/explosives (from .22 tool cartridges to M60 machineguns to det cord to Mk 84 bombs and everything in between). Presently an attorney with a former practice (11 years) defending aircraft manufacturers, operators, pilots, etc. in lawsuits resulting (most often) from accidents. Presently active mainly in medical malpractice defense of doctors (nearly 20 years).

WW1 aviation, aircraft and collecting, and thinking about an Airdrome Airplanes project. My first instructor was a USAS WW1 instructor pilot.
Waco, Texas
Current / Future projects
possibly: Airdrome Airplanes SE5a powered by a Ford V-6
Past Projects