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    For Sale Dukes Fuel Pump

    I have a rebuilt, never used Dukes 4140-00-17 fuel pump for sale asking $1400. photos available for serious inquiries.
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    AN , MS, Hardware

    My hanger / stock is in Toronto but as l have sold my hanger it is in my shop at home in Toronto, unfortunately borders are closed and my usual sojourn to Florida is not to be this year.
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    Ebay Today

    Before l post these items to Ebay l thought l may post some photos here for suggestions as to what their value may be. The photos show a "Throttle Angle Gauge" marked Orenda...this was sourced in Toronto Canada Area where the "Avro Arrow" was developed and Orenda produced the engines for that...
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    AN , MS, Hardware

    sorry l have no list at present, l am not a retailer just a homebuilder with an accumulation and no longer building...any idea of what you may require? let me know,l also have some 4130, aluminium, plywood pieces, sitka spruce.
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    AN , MS, Hardware

    Postage is crazy expensive, l think they are all open despite covid!
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    AN , MS, Hardware

    Currently in Canada and not able to get back to Florida till the borders open up.
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    AN , MS, Hardware

    I have a large quantity of hardware, fibre nuts, bolts, washers,anchor nuts, floating clip nuts, bearings,camloc, pins, rod ends etc etc..let me know what you need! All new!
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    Tracking # CX615344352CA

    Tracking # CX615344352CA
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    For Sale EAA Banner for Hanger, Garage, Rec Room

    Going to the Post Office right now! Many Thanks!
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    Books and Manuals of Interest for Sale

    Lycoming Manuals $25 plus shipping!
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    For Sale EAA Banner for Hanger, Garage, Rec Room

    I had sent a previous reply but not certain how this forum's mail works...yes l take Paypal. If you forward the email associated with your account l will send you a request for funds. Include your Postal address Please. Dave