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    2/3 scale P-51 fuselage (FREE)

    There was a small group of FEW people on the Replica Aircraft Association
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    Hogan's Heroes: Col. Klink's aeroplanes

    Before his role as Hochstetter, he did an episode as a artillery major in happy Birthday adolf
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    Sindlinger 5/8-scale Hawker Hurricane

    That was Bob Gibson in New Zealand. He’s sold it a couple of years ago.
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    Sindlinger 5/8-scale Hawker Hurricane

    There was a flying hurricane in St Augustine with the O-320. His cowlings were very steam lined. There are three that were built with auto conversions. One was a V-6, the other one I know had a rover V-8. The third I don’t know what engine it had. There are some articles out there on The rover...
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    A couple of little Hawkers

    Is that Bob Gibson’s old Sindlinger hurricane?
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    A couple of little Hawkers

    Fred’s son Lyle is selling the plans. He may still have a couple of sets left. He was asking $275.
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    Replica plans SE5a

    Cut the center section wing attachment brackets. They are a little oversized to allow me to clean up the edges. They were cut on my CNC plasma cutter. Took about 3 minutes to cut all 8 plates. Second photo shows the bevel from the shape of the flame.
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    Replica plans SE5a

    Cutting of the common ribs is complete.
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    Replica plans SE5a

    Sometimes fate may dangle a carrot in front of you. I talked to a gentleman yesterday who has built several of these. He has several building mods that were never really published and the name and contact information I hope, for a gentleman who offers a complete kit of all the metal fixture...
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    Replica plans SE5a

    All the wing rib nose ribs are complete. Still need to do the nose ribs for the elevator. Those are out of birch plywood. Had six rejects. 38 complete only need to square up the inside corners in the slot and were the capstrip meets.
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    Replica plans SE5a

    Finally material for my projects! Quite a car load for $1600. Cutting the 1/4” ply for the remaining nose ribs. The 25 remaining nose rib blanks. It feels good to be back at work.
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    Jurca Scale Warbird Plans

    Hi Ronnie, I’m very sorry for your loss. I always tried to help Pam whenever I could. I’ve talk to Mike several times. He was never able to acquire the plans from Pam’s husband. Mike tried to get the name of the copy place that Pam used. They have copies of all the the files is what Pam told...
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    MJ 9 or 3/4 ME109

    Last night I glued together the two plywood pieces to make the rudder's 3/4 plywood. Decided I'd use extra glue in the middle of one side to help force the air out of the joint. Dumb mistake but good idea. I used more glue that when I glued up a spar for my hurricane. Make sure you ask for help...
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    For the Nieuport Builders

    Looks great. Replica aircraft included the plans for a 7/8 gun in their SE5a plans
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    Jurca MJ9 or 3/4 scale ME109

    I acquired a complete set of SAL plans. My son has started build one with my help.