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  • mate I'd love to see more photos of the 109 you're building, very inspirational stuff........ cheers, John
    Howdy wiloows5050,
    I am eager to find copies of your Hurricane plans. Are any still available - copies or new to be purchased? Seems like no one is stepping up to the plate with plans. Any thoughts? Any input will be appreciated.

    Jaxn (Mike Jackson)

    I've been looking with great interest at your Hurricane photos. How far have you gotten with your project? What sort of engine do you plan to install? I hope you keep the project going and that you keep us informed on your progress!

    Dave Riggs
    No not yet, but I got a lot of good information. I have now changed to a tube frame work. I like the Neiuport's from Airdrome, but I don't know about the pop rivited connections!!!

    Do I want to go with a kit or work from plans?

    I wish I could have gone to Oshkosh.

    I am going to make a new post and try to get some more information.

    I also plan to re-join the local EAA group and hope to get some input from them. I would like to team up with someone and both of us build two planes of the same type. I think this would help keep us motivated and work out problems that might come up. You know what they say " missery loves comfort".

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