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    Another speculative thread - adding forward sweep to solve CG problems

    Kitfox models 5-7 sometimes sweep the wing forward a little if using a heavier engine, a la lyc-240(or bigger). So definitely some precedent.
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    Internal aileron linkage

    Thanks, that makes sense. I guess the balls and cage are loose enough that you can slide the pushrod in but tight enough that normal actuation of the pushrod doesn't cause it to slide inside the cage? Or is there some kind of adhesive to secure the pushrod in the cage?
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    Internal aileron linkage

    So I have 2 questions; 1. So how would you go about mounting the ball roller guide? 2. I'm having trouble visualizing exactly how it works. I can understand how a tube would slide/ rotate through it but i can't see how it would restrict travel to 3.5"?
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    dihedral break in middle of center section

    Also take a look at the KRSuper2 website is KR-Super2 it's a 3 piece wing bolted to the fuselage made from graphlite cf rod for the spar caps and fiberglass cloth for the shear web. The cf rods are very flexible individually and can easily make your dihedral.
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    dihedral break in middle of center section

    I essentially borrowed the WAR replica Corsair wing structure which utilizes a box beam main spar with solid rear spars. These are the outer panels. I can't find pics of the center section now but each section is 8 ft. The center section caps are 1/8" thick strips laminated to make the curve...
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    Using KitFox PVC fairings on a Ridge Runner?

    Starting about 2:25 they talk about the leading edge cuff from kitfox on the highlander wing which is the same as the early kitfoxes. I've heard you get 3-5 mph top end speed increase, about the same reduction in stall and 200 fpm climb rate increase. Also supposedly gives a little warning...
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    Strengthening & Saving EAA Chapters and Investing in the Future: Making the Case

    A thought occurred. Stol popularity has increased dramatically in the last few years thanks in part to the Flying Cowboys, Trent Palmer, et al. It occurred to me that perhaps one of the reasons they have been so successful in inspiring interest in backcountry aviation is that its just an...
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    Custom made AN hardware?

    Well the 4" barrel is most definitely too long. The 2 1/4" barrel would only have about .33" of each rod end threaded into it. Don't think that would be adequate.
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    Custom made AN hardware?

    Think you might have found the easiest solution. There are some 4" long barrels with 1/4 28 threads on aircraft spruce. I'm not at my computer so I don't know for sure but they might be too long. Here's hoping it works.
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    Custom made AN hardware?

    Theoretically I could use a piece of all thread, but if it fatigues and snaps, the left flaperon will flutter in the breeze and potentially ruin my day if not my life, so I'm looking for rolled threads. How difficult is it to machine rolled threads? Is it in the capability of most machine shops?
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    Custom made AN hardware?

    hey guys, I've designed a completely new flaperon mixer system for my plane and need a custom bolt. Basically threaded on each end with a right hand thread on one end and a left hand thread on the other, like this: It will be the same application, a female rod end bearing on each end. 3/16"...
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    LSA Weight to be 3600 Pounds soon !!!

    The latest: Still a couple years off but seems there might be a firm date to expect the new rule to be finalized.
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    Interesting Autogyro

    Found these sitting in a equipment lot in an industrial park I remember one of my former employers talking about watching these betting tested when he was building hangar next to the airstrip they were being tested on. He said he saw them flip over a couple of times and the test pilot/builder...
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    Interesting bit of aviation history

    Unfortunately TSA seems to have no sense of the history of the place, namely bringing people into aviation and it seems to be their unofficial purpose to drive GA off the field.