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    Big TV vs small TV

    We have the 7” version in one of our Skyhawks (there’s an STC now!) and the only reason it’s not a 10” is because we didn’t have room. With the density of information that is available, including split views, it would be my strong recommendation to get the larger screen if you can.
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    Stewart Headwind Request For Specific Info

    I know lots of folks would love to tackle a two place Headwind project, myself included :). I have plans for both the plane and the Maximizer - just love flying with others :)
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    Mountain plane

    As mentioned before - Paramotor on your cherished calm weather days. Closest thing to your mission that I’m personally aware of, and I know it’s not that close.
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    NewGuy Here!

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    New to the game

    Welcome Jeff!
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    New and starting construction of a RW19

    Welcome Oscar!
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    Planning the adventure of a lifetime and hello from Germany!

    Hi Wayne, from another Wayne :) Your plan is exciting and will be the trip of a lifetime, no doubt about it! I grew up in the UK (been here in the US over 30 years now) and I'm still amazed at how huge this country is. That said, you take these things one step at a time and with enough of that...
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    Certification of Vertical Take Off Vehicle

    PM Sent Dusan, she and the project manager are looking forward to connecting. Thanks to you, and everyone, for assisting these youngsters!
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    Certification of Vertical Take Off Vehicle

    OK excellent points folks and I will relay them all. I do think that they need to determine true scope of the project - as one poster mentioned. I don't want to smother any innovation with over regulation but do acknowledge this needs to be handled properly and will convey that.
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    Certification of Vertical Take Off Vehicle

    Folks - One of the young ladies who came up through my EAA Chapter, and who used to hang out at the maintenance shop here on the weekends, has gone to a major university to pursue Aeronautical Engineering. I'm super proud of her because she liked being "hands on" as she felt it would help her...
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    PLEASE IGNORE ME For Sale Continental REM IO-360 & Prop

    Hi folks - we have available, in the Chicago, IL, USA area the following motor and prop that were donated to the local museum who now seeks to find them a new home. ENGINE Rebuilt Continental REM IO-360-CB7B, 6 Cylinder Year: 1997 Serial Number 236526-R Engine hours 367.2 PROP MTV-9-D-C 1995...
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    "Beast One" - the next generation Microjet

    This is a fantastic contribution Scheny - thank you very much for sharing! On the note of being "small and light weight" - having just returned after 4 days "on the road" bringing the Light Sport back from Florida to Chicago - how do these lighter aircraft fare as far as pilot comfort goes in...
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    Boat, Plane. Plane, Boat.

    Sir - I have nothing but respect for you, your endurance and attitude are awe inspiring. I am not sure if building or flying is more important to you but I can absolutely add my vote to you flying for the fun of it. Below is a video of me flying a Paramotor (unfit and very overweight) that...
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    EAA Chapter membership

    When I ran the EAA Chapter at our airport (retired 11/2020 to focus on some other youth related aviation initiatives) I didn't ever stress membership or dues. Bear in mind the new President, VP, Treasurer and board are running around trying to make the Chapter properly run now. I am HORRIBLE...