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  1. Wayne

    Look out below! New builder on the block.

    We just count our flaps in - after a few flights it’s easy to know how many seconds it takes to get the desired effect. My brand new Cruzer with almost every gizmo you can imagine has no flap sensor and electric flaps. You can also see then out the window 😂 Just got my registration from the...
  2. Wayne

    Sidestick control vs control yoke vs panel-mounted control wheel

    I drive a little stick shift hatch back. Taught my mentee to dive in it. She was the first female to take her test in a manual transmission car that the examiner hade ever had. My mentee over revved at a stop sign and once underway apologized to the examiner - explaining that her foot had...
  3. Wayne

    UN hails end of poisonous leaded gas use in cars worldwide

    I might have missed this, given that I have to skim HBA more than I would like these days versus hanging on every word, but surely there are environmental studies that meet scientific guidelines that can either prove, or disprove, whether our GA Airplanes are poisoning the world with lead? It...
  4. Wayne

    Fraudulent License?

    A&P's work very hard to get their license, and for good reason. There are significant educational milestones that need to be completed, plus the practical work that means they can safely maintain aircraft in the National Airspace system. The same system the rest of us are in, and the public...
  5. Wayne

    Carbon Fiber / Aluminum corrosion insulation

    😅 I really need to update my CH750 build log - just registered it with the FAA and need to figure out how to get the inspection. Right or wrong my instrument panel is the supplied aluminum one with a layer of carbon cloth epoxied directly on to it. So far it has survived very nicely from a...
  6. Wayne

    LPA is history

    Wow - OK I asked for an explanation, and Sir, you provided one. I do concur with a huge number of your points. Learning to fly can indeed be incredibly obtuse - I was just talking to DWalker yesterday about his CFI debacle and his issue is what we all thought it was so we can add wildly...
  7. Wayne

    LPA is history

    @ScaleBirdsScott Scott - Interesting stuff here, help me understand the value of the "Standard National Website" - I understand the general principle but not catching the value that would trigger you to make the move toward training. This might be something we could incorporate into our School...
  8. Wayne

    Need input RE: flight instructor

    Ping me via IM as well if you'd like to chat, I can call you to discuss from a Flying School perspective and how best to handle things. Pretty much the first thing we teach are the "speeds". Wayne
  9. Wayne

    Van's announces highwing RV-15

    Hey all! I had the pleasure of meeting Elliot Seguin last night at the AirVenture Ultralight Field :) What a lovely man, and so nice and humble. Sorry to detract from this thread.. VB and I share the same DNA (you know this is the part where I suggest he is the less talented and less good...
  10. Wayne

    Airplanes to build around an A-65?

    Understanding that the A65 is rather long in the tooth, and there is risk of having trouble rebuilding it, don’t forget that most folks don’t fly very much - even at a hundred hours a year or multiples thereof the A65 will last a heck of a long time. While mine is still running beautifully I am...
  11. Wayne

    O-100-- interesting new engine

    Thank you for sharing this VB
  12. Wayne

    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range

    Crud - I was hoping no one would be interested 😂 Tell you what, I'll start a new thread that addresses this topic because I have a gigantic emotional and financial investment into driving Youth Engagement in aviation and the beauty of it is that my propulsion is non-commercial. Altruism is at...
  13. Wayne

    Oshkosh 2021

    Hi Folks! Emily V and I will be presenting in the Blue Barn on Wednesday at noon on "Proven Strategies to drive Youth Engagement in your Chapter". This will be our third year. It would be wonderful to meet any of you that care to join - I'm sure your insight will be most valuable. For those...
  14. Wayne

    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range

    Do we have an appetite to dig into this one folks? I will happily type up a response to the “profit” perception given that I am a key part of a medium sized flight school (over 100 students). I’m not compelled to defend myself and since my contributions to this forum are mostly youth in...