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    A&P Mechanic In Western Arizona

    Terry reccomended a young man to me for the pre-buy we did on the Cherokee we purchased in Phoenix. Very nice young man and did great work. Terry will bring you up to speed - he's a great guy as well!
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    Tailless Taildragger?????

    I bet you lot really believe the world is flat, don't you!
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    What is an affordable ultralight?

    I would say that an ultralight aircraft (flying device of any kind that meets the regulatory requirements of its country) is a vehicle that is perceived to have a low barrier to entry from a training and cost perspective - even if the final investment in both ends up have a higher barrier to entry.
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    Twin-VW engine Push-Pull design idea (The "Beetlemaster")

    Hey Pops! Happy Birthday a little early! One of the IA’s in our maintenance shop is 87 and frequently puts in a full day - often outworking my two 21 year old A&P’s. I love having the experience and age difference - the kids love him and he brings tremendous depth to the bench. w We have the...
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    Oshkosh 2020 Cancelled

    EAA 461 also lost the Cavalcade of Planes at 1C5 so we need to "embrace change" because our main fundraiser and Summer camping event are gone. I'm thinking we are going to hold our own Covid Venture event at the field (assuming if we can get permission) and then maybe in the Fall we will try a...
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    CriCri MC-15 in NZ

    Umm - me?
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    Builder Assistance Program

    Hi all - thanks very much indeed for the suggestions - very insightful. My Zenith Cruzer project should be going back together soon (the last part, fuselage, is getting painted now) and once it is done I'll reclaim the space and start the build program. I just need to slow down enough to...
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    Builder Assistance Program

    Hey Mark! He came over a month or so ago for business and to see Dave (the other Chinese guy who was at the show) and is stuck here in the USA. Not sure when he will make it back to Beijing.
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    Builder Assistance Program

    Love the advice and suggestions BJC and VB and really appreciate you putting the time in with your responses. Thanks for the link BJC, I checked it out and that's very similar to what I was thinking. VB - your ideas spill into the JW Aviation Nestling/Fledgling program but improve them on the...
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    Builder Assistance Program

    Hi folks! I hope your Spring/Fall is well underway :) I'm sending this note to get your collective wisdom on what a Builders Assistance Program might look like in your ideal world (and NO it's not free!). Our Flight School & Maintenance shop are doing quite well, and with March 1st, 2020 being...
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    Minimax wings on an Affordaplane

    Don't be concerned about calling Dave Cooper at Minimax - he's an awesome guy and will be happy to share what he can with you as far as the Minimax portion of this.
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    Non- Biased Engine Reviews -Viking

    No offense taken regards the Zenith although you are talking about the new one and mine is the original two seater. Your best bet for resale may be the RV, or honestly a certified Cessna or other smaller certified that might also get made Light Sport one day if FAA ups the gross. Of course the...
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    CH 750 Cruzer Build Log

    Alrighty - the wings are painted!!! Not a show job but guess what? I could care less, they look great and the build is nearing completion after all these years. Life can and does intervene!
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    Pre-Buy for Cherokee 140

    Gang - bumping as I have found another Cherokee 140, but this one is in Scottsdale, AZ. Do we have an A&P or experienced mechanic we trust who can at least check out a plane or do a pre-buy in that area? It is located at KDVT. Thanks a bunch for the help!