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    Hi All

    Hi Ken! Welcome to the forum! You can indeed learn to fly in a normal certified aircraft like a 172 up until you are ready to solo, at which point you would have to get a medical per FAA regs. There are variances available for certain colorblind conditions but it sounds like you might not be...
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    Paradise Aircraft

    Hi all! Just following up on this thread since you were so kind to respond to me when I posted it. I saw and flew the plane today - nice little bird to be honest. It felt very solid compared to the Zenith Cruzer at a similar empty weight - more like a 172. Nicely coordinated as well. With the...
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    I have an idea, what do you think ?

    My only question is “Why have you not started already?!!! Daylight is burning!
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    Fisher Flying Products to spin off company offering electric propulsion system for the light plane market, starting at $10,000 for 25kW

    It’s great that we are pushing forward and we all know that early adopters at the front edge of the innovation curve will carry a significant chunk of the time and money investment to get us there - eventually. In my non engineering mind the push to electric power needs to drive an entire...
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    Strengthening & Saving EAA Chapters and Investing in the Future: Making the Case

    Have to be brief - Headed to the airport so don't have much time, and didn't read every word of this thread but in EAA 461 we have at least generally achieved the goals in the OP, particularly in the realm of youth engagement. That said I am actually resigning as EAA 461 President for 2021 to...
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    Paradise Aircraft

    Hi all, One of the guys here at the airport is looking to add a Light Sport aircraft on lease back to the Flying School to be used as a primary trainer for both Private Pilot and Light Sport. The aircraft is manufactured by Paradise in Brazil. Here's the link for the specific aircraft P1 |...
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    Deburr using drill and 400 grit sandpaper?

    With thousands of holes ahead of you (don't ask me how I know :D) I would say get good with a large sharp drill spun quickly and lightly between the fingers or a deburring tool and just go with it. Your perception of a properly deburred hole will change from "every hole has to be 1,000,000%...
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    Wanted: Right Hand Slick Magneto/150 Seats

    Hi everyone! We have finished up rebuilding a really nice Continental O200 for an early 150 (manual flaps) we may have our apprentices restore over the Winter at the shop. Since the bird didn't come with Mags or Seats we are in need of them. When you have a moment could you let me know if you...
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    Thinking about a father/son project

    More than happy to help Narfi! I'll see if I can talk to Roger over the next day or so and will send private message when I have an update.
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    Thinking about a father/son project

    Narfi - LOVE this post and huge congrats on the weight loss. I'm 54 pounds down and you have basically doubled that, amazed at your fortitude and proud of the your achievement - what a story to share. Did you ask Roger down at Zenith if you can start with the wings or tail feathers? I'm...
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    Thinking about a father/son project

    Pops - make more Jigs! We NEED a set at 1C5 - probably two builds here but we are too cheap to buy the quick build kit!!! Lets face it, you need a new project for the Winter!! Flywheel drive VW can wait until 2022 :)
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    Why not a Continental IO-360?

    Bill - If you determine an O360 Lycoming will work let me know - we have one in the shop from a Mooney that we did a top end rebuild on - brand new cylinders etc. I need to get back to selling that thing - been too busy these last few months.
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    Plans/Kits for aircraft like the Monocoupe 90

    I'm loving your responses gang - most entertaining and informative!! We talk a lot on here about efficiency and a bunch of other stuff - but what about the beauty of an aircraft? Hence my mention of the Monocoupe - a beautiful aircraft!
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    Plans/Kits for aircraft like the Monocoupe 90

    Hey everyone! Has anyone seen kits/plans for an aircraft with the same look as the Monocoupe? Make a challenging but very nice build I reckon! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monocoupe_90 Wayne
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    What Did You Do To Save General Aviation Today?

    The 15 year old young lady who runs the Future Aviators of America (FAA) club in my Chapter, and I, had an hour long interview on our local TV Station with the Deputy Mayor to help promote the airport via the ever expanding young adult programs we are offering there. More on this later when I...