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    Starlite SL1

    FWIW, I see ~15 Starlites (or variations of the name) on the current US registry. In addition, another ~54 have been registered in the past and have since been de-registered. Ron Wanttaja
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    Historical landmark being torn down

    This is the perfect time to post a photo of a statue of Thaddeus Lowe, but there just don't seem to be one.... :) Ron Wanttaja
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    replica's other than p-51 p-40

    I agree to a great extent; while I wouldn't object to a swastika on the tail of an original BF-109, I just wouldn't feel right about having one on the tail of a subscale replica. But... other nations have flown 109s. The Swiss, the Finns, even the Israelis. Though, of course, a Finnish Air...
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    Celera 500l Progress

    I used to feel that way. Until I got a call, late in the evening, from the wife of an EAA chapter member. He'd gone out for a flight that day, and hadn't returned. Put his N-Number into Flightaware and found where his track terminated. Sheriff found the wreckage and his body a short while...
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    Engine Out Vid

    This was not the classic "Impossible Turn," it appears he landed on a runway that crossed the one he took off from. Ron Wanttaja
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    Patterns getting more dangerous?

    I think the addition of ADS-B means pilots are finding traffic they COULDN'T see before, and hence think it's "new." Ron Wanttaja
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    Anyone building Airdrome Aeroplanes Morane-Saulnier Type LA (75% Scale)

    Most Fly Babies don't have elevator trim, either...beyond a fixed tab. Ron Wanttaja
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    Is it possible to add an additional generator/alternator on a Rotax 503 DCDI install?

    Example of a air-driven generator on a Fly Baby: Ron Wanttaja
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    SpinLaunch kinetic throw to orbit

    Even as far back as WWII they were putting radar sets into anti-aircraft shells (proximity fuzes). One thing I read said they withstood 20K Gs. Ron Wanttaja
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    Some guys are just into catch and release..... Ron Wanttaja
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    So we should replace all the women on that with men, and have them flying a Pride Flag? After all, they must be proud of their airplanes.... :) Ron Wanttaja
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    Cockpit size of a Thorp t18 Ron Wanttaja
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    Haven’t seen such information in the NTSB reports…. Ron Wanttaja
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    Bonanza? Ron Wanttaja
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    A *Tripacer*? Too easy! Ron Wanttaja