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    precautionary landing

    I rode with him over into Arkansas to have a look at the field and be another set of eyes for any airplane damage. Airplane is just fine except for a couple of "licks" from the cows in the field having a taste. The field is bumpy grass, not very flat but seems to be plenty big enough to get off...
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    precautionary landing

    I friend with a Maul made a precautionary landing because of weather building around him. He put down in a field no problem. He asked me and another pilot friend to go back to the plane to help remove some gas and give our opinion about taking off from the field. Our other pilot friend and i...
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    Any Tailwind owners / pilots?

    Yesterday my friend Wally (same name) flew my W10. He liked it. The Mazda ran fine and was fairly quiet. He said it rolled out straight on both landings. There are lots of things that I want to clean up like the instrument panel and wiring. Looking forward to flying it when I get my flight...
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    Any Tailwind owners / pilots?

    New to me W10. It has a Mazda rotary and Ross re-drive. I haven’t flown it yet. I had to put wings back on after trailering from TX. The hangar is an hour away and keeping 3 grandkids has slowed things down. It has about 200 hours on it. Wally
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Skip sent me a picture of a cylinder with the head separating from the barrel.
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    The easiest way to get a very nice radio is buy a Flightline FL-760A from Wings and Wheels. It fits in a 2 and 1/4 instrument hole and works good. I have one in my Pitts. It is a little over $650. Wally
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    Homebuilt designs for budding aerobatic competitors?

    Another vote for a Pitts S-1. Any version from the 2 aileron lower hp all the way to a S-1S will give you a plane you can compete in for several years. It is buildable at home and there are plenty of examples to look at, parts and information available, and people to talk to. You can sometimes...
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    How hard or easy is it?

    Some dual rental time in a Cessna 150 or 152 would be a good place to start. Also hang around the local airport and maybe you can find an airplane owner who will take you flying and show you some things. too. Whatever you do, do not try to teach yourself how to fly in an ultralight. You will...
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    Aluminum Casting

    Be sure to follow the patternmaking guides about having a little draft to the vertical surfaces of the pattern, Usually one or 2 degrees. This greatly facilitates removing the pattern from the sand. That and dusting the pattern with talc before putting on the sand. Find some old air cooled VW...
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    Prefered wood glue

    Another vote for T-88. Very easy to use and will cure at low temperatures, just takes longer. I haven't needed to glue wood for a long time but if I was to start again, T-88 for me.
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    Midget mustang safety rating

    A friend of mine flew a new-ish one a couple of months ago. He said it was really short coupled and took some doing to handle it. He is a Pitts S-1 pilot so he managed. He also said as he approached some high speeds, about 150mph there was indication of aileron flutter. He said that this plane...
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    Hand Prop?

    If you do just go with hand propping, a nice light way of securing the aircraft is to add a small tow hook. A friend of mine has a formula 1 racer with an 0-200. He takes a few short lengths of rope with him to tie down with. He ties to the ramp and the other end a loo through his release hook...
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    Your thoughts on using a hammer and modified bolt to set solid rivets?

    Did you know that those el-cheapo muffler hammers use the same diameter rivet sets?? You used to buy them for about $10 and get some muffler tools with it. And they work pretty good on smaller rivets. I even took one of the muffler cutter tools that comes in the kit and made a flat rivet set. I...
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    Airman Certification.

    YOu can also have the FAA come do the final inspection and certificatioin instead of hiring a DAR. IF there is a local office who can do it. That is what I did on my build. Wally
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    Need Help for Cub Type Trim Actuator

    If you use the electric actuator make SURE you have a positive way to kill power to it and stop it in case it decides to go full travel on it's own. And FYI simpler is better and lighter is better. Best wishes, Wally