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  • TERRY! Hi.

    Hope you guys are going good. We are doing pretty good here in MEM.

    That sounds like a great offer, maybe Candy and I can get up there one of these days!
    As far as the radio, I like it, the knobs are tiny but workable. My Pitts cockpit is pretty loud as you can imagine but with the power back below 2500 rpm, I can use it just fine.
    Best wishes,

    Boy was I surprised tonight to find you on here! I was looking for some info on the FL-760 radio, and found this guy who put one in a Pitts. Then I found that the guy also lived in SW TN, and "worked for a major airline". And his name was Wally. So how have you been doing? The Pitts looks neat! Let us know the next time you guys are in Cape, and we'll fly the Champ....if you can stand something that tame!

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