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    Alternative woods.

    yup...nothin like spruce...amazing stuff
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    Wood and Chevys

    Hey there..yes..still working on it..Actually starting to build some parts...The tip tanks will have to evolve....They will be detachable from the first concept and also ..encase I build them wrong per exactly what you are saying....They seem fine the way i have them currently drawn but airflow...
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    LS1 Engine for aircraft?

    Good lord..You guys make me tired
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    Dodgy take-off video

    I don't see what the big deal is.....And I'm getting old and still have all my parts
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    The ULTIMATE and FINAL VTOL to end them all! me the motor that doesn't use fuel...I've been curious about that "something for nothing" deal all my life
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    Reinforcing a wooden spar with composites..?

    I understand about getting off topic....Every debate or argument Ive ever had with a women ended up on a completely different subject within 45 seconds....anyway...I apoligize if I sound blunt at times...If it was in person you would would have a completely different impression...I consider...
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    Reinforcing a wooden spar with composites..?

    And if you insist on trying to make a wooden spar stronger it's not that hard to make it a 1/4 wider or whatnot, but if you insist on trying to do it the wrong and easy way go ahead..don't think it will hurt but just remember that the stiffest part is going to take up the load until it gives...
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    Reinforcing a wooden spar with composites..?

    "F16 is designed as a +9G -3G plane"...not really accurate...pretty much operating limitations,,,the wing wont fold up or "collapse" not sure what "collapse" means..originally they designed the F-16 wings to be interchangeable to cut costs..from left to right so the wing itself and attach points...
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