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W. Pepper
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Feb 8, 2010
Jan 24, 2010
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Joshua Tree, CA

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W. Pepper

Active Member, from Joshua Tree, CA

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Feb 8, 2010
    1. naweer16
      Still can’t decide which one I should buy! I like Hermes, but Prada looks beautiful as well. And there are many more shinning watches. Cartier, Rolex etc. Too many things I want to buy. If you were me, which one do you want best? Oh, yes, the store is the biggest online luxury store. You can find about all brands you knew. christian dior leather
    2. bmcj
      Sorry Waldo, I very rarely check the messages on my profile page, so I never saw your messages to me until now. In fact, I'd have to re-read a lot of the old posts that led to this conversation before I would even know what we were talking about.

    3. bmcj
      Hi Waldo,

      Thanks for the kind words. Always nice to converse with someone who has flown into my old home field of Flabob (there are a few of us here, but I think I'm the only one who was homebased there). I remember the old Colton Airpark (Also known as Morrow Field). Used to fly in there to shoot landings (when they weren't running drag races). Didn't go there as much, except in ultralights, after they built the Price Club off the end of the strip; could still get in and out, but I heard that some of the Price Club customers complained about the bigger planes. Another field I used to fly into from time to time was Tri City Airport (if for nothing else, to here Pinky on the radio lambasting pilots).

      Have fun here on the forum... it's a great place to share ideas and information.

      Bruce :)
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  • About

    Joshua Tree, CA
    Current / Future projects:
    Currently starting construction of first and perhaps only personal air vehicle. The design is now basic and will be altered to maximize priorities. No monetary gain is expected or acceptable. Any intellectual property that may develop will be the property of the public domain and the future of aviat
    Past Projects:
    Traditional initial attempts including 8 x 11 notebook paper and optional paper clip - crashed and burned.

    Literally hundreds of designs, mostly ultralight.
    Former navy air traffic control followed by president of college flying club. General contractor. Inventor. Retired courtesy of the Veterans Administration.

    Generally enjoy discussing any and all aspects especially history and military.

    Ultralight bound.
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