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    Chevrolet engines

    chev. iron head engine I have been working on my Ford project and weighing about everything to get the weight down. I believe you should add another 50 pounds to the chev. engine as described for a starting point. Good luck.
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    Oleo Struts. Heeeelp...

    Oleo struts for homebuilt read your inquiry for struts. looks like you found the regular answers as I did when building N49th. There just are not many around. I finally built the landing gear for a Mustng II and flew it 10 years, so the gear must have been OK. design was copied from a...
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    Tinbuzard - One off design

    Timbuzzard-One off design your pictures and design is very close to what i had in mind in asking about a pusher versis tractor configuartion. I am not as brave as you in that i have a mustang II wing that falls close to your design. cord is about 5 ft. and length about 26 ft. made in three...
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    I need a prop for a Piper J-3 cub. 65 hp. Restoring as a licensed aircraft. What do you have.? [email protected]
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    i am a mustang 11 builder and pilot, and have thought over what I would like in my next project. improve visability-by ssitting ahead of the wing- reduce noise level- auto engine - and it boils down to two designs. a pusher design with tandem seating and twin booms to the tail. frontal...