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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    RIP to all involved, and of course very sad to hear of the loss of a combat veteran Huey. I have a good friend who flew B models and everything else.
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    After 30 years, bottom of the barrel

    Congratulations Charlie ! Now when you get to the bottom of that tube of Loctite....
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    Celara again

    Vapor Paper... that's f****n' awesome! Crapto-Currency Grift-O-Currency No-Mo-Currency PayPale Tik-Tok-Tank Loony-Loot
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    Airplane Wanted 2 Transportation Trips Aviailable 1 CO to CA and 1 SLO to LA

    2 loads wanted for empty trailer! Our EAA chapter has a buyer for an aircraft project (Bellanca Viking). The buyer wants the fuselage delivered to his shop in San Luis Obispo, CA, there will be an empty car hauler flatbed coming from San Luis Obispo to Los Angeles. Your priceless junk, airplane...
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    BD-5 - Why is it so engrained in our psyches?

    Oh man, you have time in both... now I'm bright neon green jealous. But on behalf of a lot of people - I absolutely command, decree, order, insist, and exclaim that you must continue with the Horten-based project. That needs to be brought to fruition! Is there any way we can get you to come to...
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    Do you mean a 501 (c) (3) non-profit public charity? I'm sure there is also a 503 (c), but that will probably be something different. Regardless of whether it is an IRS charity, I can guarantee you that this forum is almost certainly "non-profit" financially for Jake :)
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    BD-5 - Why is it so engrained in our psyches?

    On the tangential subject of the "pocket rocket", the little airplane that allows the Walter Mitty in all of us to run free - the BD-5's market - I believe there are plenty of opportunities for something to come in and fill that market with a greater degree of safety. The little Janowski J-5...
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    BD-5 - Why is it so engrained in our psyches?

    A bargain at twice the price, and I'm very glad to have at least paid for a few gallons of the fuel and hydraulic oil you used at TPS. Some day I'll show up at your door like the Godfather and try to cash in that favor, by using a couple of your brain cells to resolve some aviation mystery :)...
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    Aluminum Tube & Gusset Airbike / Legal Eagle / Parasol Thread

    I propose a slight modification, suitable for bumper stickers and forum avatars: "A bird in the hangar is worth four on the drawing board and two on the build table"
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    Simplified biplane?

    If you prop most light GA high wing airplanes (Cub, T-craft, etc.) from behind, and the airplane lurches forward, guess what happens? The leading edge of the wing tries to bump your head forward towards the propeller. The lower main wing strut pushes your waist or butt forward toward the...
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    Hello! I'm Gustavo from Brazil

    Welcome ! Tell us what type of aircraft interests you :)
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    Analysis of Wing Tip Design

    Number 7 will be the overall winner for use on low speed light aircraft.
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    My new ride !!

    What I am offering is only the fiberglass pod (I'm using the aluminum tailboom for another project). I'll trade you this pod in return for something of extremely high value (like having served in the US military).
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    BD-5 - Why is it so engrained in our psyches?

    Sorry OT Farber, you touch down at 65 miles an hour in a Cessna 172? That's a lot faster than it should be in my opinion. There are people here with 20X the number of hours in a 172 I have, but I'll bet you a steak dinner that every one of them says 65 is way waaay too fast. My touchdown on a...
  15. Victor Bravo

    My new ride !!

    It's up on the shelf behind all that stuff. You can see the general size and shape. That's all I have for now 😬