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    Basic Configuration for a "Safe" airplane

    The Yankee failed spin certification because it couldn't be recovered after six turns. A stall with a wing drop is not cheating death as far as I am concerned.
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    Basic Configuration for a "Safe" airplane

    I'll confess to it if you will :) It's likely we'd have a pretty large percentage of this group making that confession that as well. Long live the Society of Cotter Pin Straighteners!
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    Unlimited Air Racing Dead?

    Fair enough.
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    Unlimited Air Racing Dead?

    A low-drag composite fairing around a homebuilt steel tube fuselage, landing gear from some commercial aircraft, a laminar hi-aspect homebuilt composite wing, and a commercially available R-2800 from a DC-6 on the nose. 4000 pounds, no warbird parts, no warbird history, no warbirds cut up or...
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    Basic Configuration for a "Safe" airplane

    I do so hate to push this delightful discussion back from the "theoretical" to the "applied", but.... Dearest Mr. Wanttaja, o keeper of ye olde mystic numerology, do you have any data on what are the differences in accident rates between the 2-control Ercoupe and the 3-control Ercoupe, or the...
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    Yet another one for Mathew (maybe)

    Yes, mostly the 130-145HP DH Gipsy engine series, but the one I had years ago had the Blackburn Cirrus Minor 2a. During the war they had two models with Lycoming GPU engines converted to aircraft configuration, and in the 1960's or 70's they had a few models with O-320 and one with the O-360...
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    Yet another one for Mathew (maybe)

    That always struck me as a cool idea for an air camper.
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    Unlimited Air Racing Dead?

    The original reason that there was any interest or participation in the big ticket auto races is that long before them there were hundreds and hundreds of small-town dirt track races and drag strips and what-not to generate interest in the sport of auto racing. I am fairly sure all of the top...
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    A/C nail supplier

    Logic tells me that the smallest possible diameter staple will do the least possible damage to the structural integrity of the wood, compared to a larger diameter nail or tack. Logic also tells me that the staple or nail is not carrying any significant load after the glue is set, and will not...
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    Basic Configuration for a "Safe" airplane

    Please clarify if you are referring to aircraft skills or people skills, there may be a slight difference in the answers...
  11. Victor Bravo

    Cowling fasteners

    The original Dzus are pretty straightforward and idiot-proof. You could even mount the springs with blind rivets if you hate riveting.
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    Airplane plans inventory

    "Colonel Raymond", you're not fooling anyone! We see right through that clever disguise... we should have recognized your foul stench Governor Tarkin ! I suppose you thought we'd believe you're Doctor Frankenstein as well... :) (some of you young 'uns will have no idea what I'm talking about...
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    An example Kohler

    Look at all those threaded mounting bosses for a belt reduction.... :)
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    182 verses Skylane ?

    The worst thing you can do to an airplane is not fly it. Same as a car that sits in the driveway for years. There may be a problem that rendered it unairworthy, or it just may be corroding and drying out on its own. They may have run the engine and kept seeing metal residue, not flying but...
  15. Victor Bravo

    Wooden structure reinforced with carbon fibre

    Which type of bowing are you trying to protect against... the trailing edge being pulled forward (toward the middle of the wing) or the trailing edge becoming "wobbly" and "wavy" when sighting spanwise along the edge of the TE?