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    Flight Test Areas for us Urban Dwellers?

    I have seen that Thatcher in person, it looked pretty reasonable, but I did not fully inspect it. Hanford will be a perfectly good place to set up camp if you want to do it that way, likely no problem for Phase 1. You could probably arrange to have the flight test area go pretty far up and down...
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    Flight Test Areas for us Urban Dwellers?

    If there's a train or a frequent commuter bus that goes to and from Tracy or Byron, that's definitely a huge win. What kinda airplane will you be testing? If it has a Continental A or C series engine, I'll make a case for less chance of carb ice out there in the valley too :)
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    Now WHY would anyone want a lighter, faster, cheaper, easier to build airplane that's more sexy?
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    Flight Test Areas for us Urban Dwellers?

    I am located at Whiteman just north of Burbank. Just yesterday I had an FAA inspector remind me we could not do Phase 1 at Whiteman. We are fortunate to still have Camarillo airport available for Phase 1, but I prefer the Mojave desert by far. We will do our chapter Zenith at California City...
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    Hey - why is no one build Heath Parasols anymore???

    A "typical" single seat parasol airplane is just that. The proportions and shapes are all just about the same. The design and configuration issues are all about the same (how to get the pilot in under the trailing edge, bending the longeron to allow a door, etc.). What is essentially a very...
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    All Metal 'STOLLITE'

    That aircraft really needs to be a CNC assembly kit available to homebuilders!
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    The correct term is "Brochuremanship". Closely related to Bedeology, which is the study of brochuremanship when used in aerofinancial fraud. >edit<
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    Yamaha Apex internal gear reduction.

    My first car was a late 70's Buick Skyhawk. What a disappointment in the performance department....
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    I enjoy all the speculation and sharp-tongued comments as much as the next guy, but this post above from Pops is the CORE ISSUE of this incident, everything else aside. Was this an inflight oil loss, or was this a takeoff with insufficient oil from the start? Everything else is of less...
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    Full scale Pitcheron control Sailplane.

    I hate to rain on anyone's parade, but to make the wingeron system work you will have a heavy tubular spar which is not as structurally efficient as an I beam or C channel. So for that reason alone (even if you solve all the other bending load issues and other wonky loads) you will have a...
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    I have three questions for bifft: 1) Which model RV do you have? 2) Is it fair to say you would really like to have your CHT's 30-40 degrees cooler? 3) Where exactly does the main cylinder cooling airflow exit your engine cowling?
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    I just love it when cleverness wins out over spending !
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    Name that tiny airplane

    It's NOT a Comper Swift???
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    Yes, but I wish I had invested money into something called Led Zeppelin in its early days... :)
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    Narfi's Scratch Built Zenith 750 Super Duty

    Inspection access to see cracks in the bracket on a pre-flight ???