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    The Janowski Project - Rethinking the J1B/J2/J3

    JB-1 found here: Sport Pilot J-1B Plans and Half VW plans
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    Once again with the FAA...

    The EAA or anyone else can take a flying jump. If they did not what the plane to fly again, don't sell it.
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    Once again with the FAA...

    Unelected bureaucrats flexing their minuscule intellect.
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    Parts Wanted Information request about Barnstormers / seller

    Use truck freight, you can quotes on line. I have sent several engines this way. Need to skid and cover for protection. Jack
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    Boy are you way off base. He WAS making the inspection pass as a preparation for a landing.
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    Airplane For Sale Two CGS Hawks for sale....Bypass Sale!

    Any photos available. Glad your on recovery road.
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    Q-200 Kit transport from VA to CA

    Central Freight, I had a varieze shipped from LA to Indiana in a crate. No problems and best price.