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    Are experimental EFIS really overpriced? (break-off from another thread)

    The value of many things built for experimental aircraft is often difficult to determine. Avionics in particular require significant investment in design, development, testing and manufacturing before something is ready for the market place. Manufacturers are then inclined to try to recoup their...
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    Fisher Flying Products Announces New Electric Propulsion Systems

    Before saying all current electric aircraft are a waste of time it pays to look really carefully at the aircraft's mission. If the mission now requires an RV-6 or C172 then an electric aircraft will not be a substitute for a similar upfront cash outlay. There are some (quite particular) missions...
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    Legal question about copyright

    Many British companies have ended up under the BAE Systems banner, there remains a degree of support - and also a desire to avoid potential corporate liability from heritage products. See this page, BAE Systems Hertiage As mentioned by Chilton, Miles were bought by HP. Fred H-P was never keen on...
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    Torsional Vibration and Resonance - Basic Theory and Issues

    There are several guitar tuning apps for your phone that will tell you the frequency of a sound - might be tricky to isolate the sound from the re-drive, but the frequency measurement technology is available cheaply.
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    When or how can a certified aircraft engine become "Experimental"? Also, once that happens, can the owner rebuild it themselves?

    Splitting hairs somewhat? Its an inspection that must be carried out each year, so is an annual? Yes, certified aircraft have different stuff to be inspected.
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    When or how can a certified aircraft engine become "Experimental"? Also, once that happens, can the owner rebuild it themselves?

    A Repairman Certificate is only required to sign off the annual. Any repair (including a complete rebuild of the engine) can be carried by the owner with no oversight from anyone. Whether that is smart or not is a completely different question! If any significant changes are made during the...
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    For Sale KLX-135A available

    Is anyone interested in a KLX-135A? Available with tray, GPS antenna, manual and quick ref card Removed serviceable when Europe when to 8.33kHz channel spacing Will ship worldwide. Make me an offer.
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    Good vid!! Have a look at the videos posted by Little Scrapper! I found it was easier to build straight control surfaces by tacking first then welding a little on each side and allowing to cool. Welding all of one side first made the whole thing warp. I admire your jig - I screwed some plywood...
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    Why not a Continental IO-360?

    I had one in a 172 XP a few years ago, I really liked the engine. Ensure you get a VAR crankshaft - there should be few non VAR cranks out there now. I can't remember how to identify, did they stamp a V on the prop flange? A new crank is really expensive and should be fitted if the case is...
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    Aviation people who influenced me

    Curtis Pitts because of what he drew, I didn't realise how much until I flew in one of his designs - it changed my life (for the better) from there on. Sir Sydney Camm who designed the Hawker Fury, Hurricane, Typhoon, Tempest, Fury, Hunter, and about 45 other aircraft. Kelly Johnson because of...
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    Planning to construct a good composite curing oven...request some feedback/input

    But the stuff inside the oven is also flammable. The shop next to ours burnt down a while ago, they lost all their moulds and had to pretty much start again. We unplug all the non-consumer electronics each evening.
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    Planning to construct a good composite curing oven...request some feedback/input

    We have also seen this happening, I would call it shrinkage more than warping, but post cure before final finishing is a good plan.
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    Planning to construct a good composite curing oven...request some feedback/input

    I've built one of these ovens for post curing whole wings & fuselages. I used 100mm (4") foiled foam boards, called Celotex here. Many people have burnt down their workshops using unattended electric heaters for post curing, so our oven is plumbed into the radiators. Perhaps not that easy in the...
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    Flying wing as cheap and simple option for basic fun flying.

    The question is really are there any discernible benefits from adding such a winglet? A pair would take a while to make, and may require spar strengthening. A winglet will increase skin friction drag and may decrease induced drag some. Will the nett effect be measurable on a 100mph cruise...
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    Electric SSDR Motor Glider

    Hello Hole, interesting project! I would consider a whole airframe parachute as it allows another 15kg and only weighs 7 or 8kg. FES gliders have a full power endurance of around 15 minutes and a cruise endurance of around 40 minutes. To achieve an hour endurance will need a larger battery, you...