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    New Engine design ?

    There have been lots of Barrel engines, one of them the 'Alfaro', you can consult 'El motor de aviacion A a Z', by Ricard Miguel Vidal, from Aeroteca Barcelona, open consultation to AEHS members, or the classic by J K Setright, 'Some unusual engines', download link in ResearchGate. In the field...
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    Antonov 181

    I'm glad having info about the Antonov 'Izdelie', no idea it had tethered flights, as the P Moeller m200 '1988: Manned test flight of a flying car' video, and other of his machines. There is a NACA Research Memorandum, NACA RM L53A09, about Langley full scale wind tunnel tests of Custer Channel...
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    I'm not that sure microwave beams are not available today as energy transfer way. Do it have any resemblance to the electric teethbrushes charged by putting it on a nail in a base? See, eg.: 'Wireless energy transfer', 2010: Wireless Energy Transfer...
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    B&S 49-series (810cm3/49ci) for aircraft use - TiPi's Q&A thread

    I was delighted thinking B&S meant the Barr&Stroud Sleeve-valve, Burt-McCollum type, not Knight, motorcycle engine, but it was not. One of it was offered in eBay in around $2600, or $3600, not long ago. Blessings +
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    Ibis Canard

    Any comment on the reason why and advantages of Junkers wavy tin cover? btw: 'Junkers' means 'Jung Herren', from the, quite arrogant, offspring of German landowners; in Spain 'Señoritos', used for landowners in Andalucia 'cortijos'. Women acting as domestics call the housewive they work for...
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    They say the Tesla Flying Saucers were huge size capacitors, energy sent to it with microwave beams. Is the concept of MW recharge available today? Blseeings +
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    Ducted fan aircraft

    Nothing new under the Sun!
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    Ducted fan aircraft

    Any comment on using the 'Trompe' arrangement, as a turbine inside a duct, as propulsion mean? Blessings +
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    For sure your intimate would like this song by Slade AxterAerospace in Madrid produced a 40 KW or a bit more electric engine to be installed in the propeller bushing, as aid in takeoff and climbing, emergency power. Able to work as sole power source? Blessings +
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    cheap engine and prop ideas

    Even if I don't fly, and I don't build, I've collecting info abut this. Perhaps you may find cheap 2-Stroke engines in eBay and other sites, but a 2-Stroke engine, also torsional vibrations and other issues, killed the BD-5 and some pilots. 2-Strokes go seized, or have the plug fouled much more...
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    Very low aspect ratio planes?

    Pinterest is a time wasting site, as it doesn't distinguish between delusions, concepts, plans, aeromodels, prototypes, or production machines. Terrible!
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    Anybody want to build one of these?

    How long will this resist the redglow heat, and how would you cool it for not destroying airplane? Salut +
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    Anybody want to build one of these?

    Interesting the Pulse Jet and the blade tip ramjet in helicopters. Any one having a reference to a 300 lb thrust PulseJet plans? Blessings +
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    supercharging a two stroke

    About Turbocompressor and EFI for small engines, you can have a look at Blessings +
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    Very low aspect ratio planes?

    About 'Dutch Roll' and some LAR designs, a few months ago, while driving, I watched a car towing an small trailer, that made exactly the banking movement called 'Dutch Roll'. Any comment? Blessings +