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    Replica plane scaling visualisations (BF109 edition)

    In your first set of pictures your 82% scale is really about full scale. And your "full scale" is way too large. If you've ever walked around a full size Me-109, one is immediately impressed with how small it is.
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    Big Block Chevy powered Stewart S51 featured in a national magazine.

    Yes, current company owner, Bill Hudgens, does.
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    Big Block Chevy powered Stewart S51 featured in a national magazine.

    Greetings from an S-51 kit owner. The plane you see in the online Hot Rod article is owned by a guy named Rod Bower. And, yes, it has had the test flights done by Elliot Seguin. You can find numerous videos of Elliot's on YouTube if you search for "Bowers Pony". Rod has patiently worked on...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    On both approaches she blew through MDA (almost 200') and was fast. Sounds like a slow crosscheck to me. Internal pressure to land at the field instead of diverting may have played a part, too, but when the weather's bad and the runway is difficult to see you sure don't intentionally go any...
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    Mustang Prop Arrived

    Doesn’t mean the guy made a good decision to fly it in that mechanical condition. I hope TXFlyGuy sues the pilot and forces him to pay for the entire rebuild. If it bankrupts the moronic pilot, then so be it. I also hope TXFlyGuy sues the FAA for their ineptitude of the Cleveland FSDO. Justice...
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    WWII replica plans available in 2021?

    What were FEW's problems as a company? Why did they fail? Not poking a stick in their eye, many great designs have failed as a business. Was it solely the lack of a reliable engine? I saw one YT video of a FEW that flew after many years of work and it soon crashed. Heart-breaking.
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    WWII replica plans available in 2021?

    The S-51 cruises somewhere around 220 and most owners are using a 540ci V-8, some even use a supercharger. (Prototype first flew with a 454 if I remember correctly, then moved up to a 502.) Several guys who have flown the Stewart and the real thing say the S-51 handles very much like its big...
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    The radiator scoop on only one wing would say it's a Mark I.
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    Beeeeee-ooootfiul!!! That's gotta be 75 or 80% scale? What HP is the engine? Pls tell him congratulations for me on all his hard work. That would win a dead-grass award at OSH in a matter of minutes.
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    Interesating series on Russian aircraft

    A P-51 is a “copy” of a LaGG-3? Them’s fightin’ words....
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    P-51 Mustang Replica Tehnical Question

    Stewart 51 sold around 72 kits. Think there have been about 18 that have flown.
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    P-51 Mustang Replica Tehnical Question

    FYI - In this thread someone said there are no Kit Mustangs for sale. I am assuming they mean full size? Of course there are some smaller replica kits available; the Stewart S-51 is one of them. The current S-51 kit company owner is Bill Hudgens. He has spent tons of money and time over the...
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    Looks like a Mustang?

    TXFlyGuy - Congrats! Be safe out there. Gonna want to be around a long time to enjoy all your hard work.
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    BF109 G4 scratch build 1/1 scale

    Man!, that's a whopping lot of work! Good luck finishing your project!
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    Looks like a Mustang?

    @ TXFlyGuy - If you added 4" to the nose for your PSRU then that is the difference. Hope you fly soon!