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Jun 23, 2017
Aug 5, 2013
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Jun 23, 2017
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    Current / Future projects:
    Building Ag-cat. Have not worked with composites but can learn anything? NOT scared to learn or be told the correct way to do something.
    Past Projects:
    Built Cats,Stinson,Seneca,been doing turbine conversions for 25 years, and I wana put some place fun and fast and profitable for you and me I need someone to fund the FASTEST MACHINE IN THE SKY!! And not sell the farm and we all can profit. ANYBODY GOT A DREAM!!!
    46 year old Ag Pilot, Turbine. STC Holder for the Grumman Ag-Cat. With my father who is the actual owner. Been building, wiring, painting, straightening, welding, drafting, Garrett rigging, engine mount building, tail wheel patenting, JACK OF ALL needing to fulfill some of my OWN dreams not my fathers before I Die!!! Right now I building G-164a 400 Gal dash -1 In order to keep food on the table and bills paid. I guess my question is does anybody got a dream to put a Garrett on somtin plastic and go 400mph.?
    Cause I got all the SKILLS. A&P commercial twin engine land instrument rated. Doing all this since I was a kid!!!!

    Have flown Cessna,Stinson,BeachCraft,Ag Cat,Air tractor,but not interested in any of that stuff, TIRED OF THAT STUFF.
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