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    Rutan Quickie / Q200, Q1, Q2

    I think it would fly fine without the concave lower fuselage that creates the double curve. Dragonfly fuselages have very little of that curve (if any) and are very fast. Amsoil racer was similar. Have you considered just taking a Dragonfly MK2 and reducing the fuselage width?.
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    STOL Baby Ace

    You're right about the forward slip. Caught this one in the act, but it was straightened out by the time I got the pic
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    Celera 500L (was: More Vaporware)

    That's it. The entire front fuselage would slide off, exposing the framework that supported the pilot. Unfortunately the builder did not include a roll bar.
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    STOL Baby Ace

    I agree it's already more STOL capable than most, but you could easily improve it by just lengthening the wing back to cub proportions. Greatest Stol performance I've ever seen from a "normal" airplane was a restored Tcraft with a 100lb. pilot. All that wing got it in the air in under 300 feet.
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    Celera 500L (was: More Vaporware)

    There was a single place aircraft by the name of Vmax Probe, designed for a speed record, featured in the book Personal Aircraft Drag Reduction. It looked basically the same with NACA scoop(s) for engine cooling, which did not work adequately for the 100hp two stroke, according to the article...
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    Project roll call

    More ultralights than I can possibly maintain, the Dragonfly mutant still on the back burner, a hoop tent worthy of plant 42, and a giant pasture....
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    World's Largest Aircraft (Stratolaunch) Flies for the First Time

    That's nothing. You should see the skyjack they need reach the flight controls for annual....
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    Quicksilver GT400

    I knew a guy who flew one and he loved it. It's one of the enduring successful designs from the ultralight craze, like the quicksilvers, kolbs, challengers, basically every Rans, etc. A little slower than some in this class (55-60mph cruise with rotax 503) and the yoke is a big turnoff for...
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    Budget built MiniMax 1100 Ultralight

    Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but I don't think multitasking works well with physical tasks. What you finish is far more important than what you start. If you choose small milestones to reach before starting something else, the completion of them will add wind to your sails. Nothing...
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    Come hell or high water I'm building this plane

    I'm sure many of us can relate.
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    How many of you guys fly RC Planes too?

    Finished a day of greenhouse building with a slow flight in the Kadet Sr. The lift on this thing is amazing. Whole flight was at a fast idle.
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    ShelterLogic Temporary Hanger (Pictures)

    Some farmers cover their hoop structures with metal if the tarp decays and I've considered it, but for now I will probably use metal sides with a tarp top, to let in light but keep out the rabbits. They will eat cacti out here if they're hungry enough so tender plants need a good barrier. The...
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    ShelterLogic Temporary Hanger (Pictures)

    Thanks, but I'm not in the air (my r/c models are, occasionally). Local pilots have seemed to notice the site and I've had a few visitors. Today it was a spotless RV8 in invasion stripes who buzzed the field and did a victory roll on the way back to town. It's amazing what you can get away...
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    ShelterLogic Temporary Hanger (Pictures)

    I set up a couple of the 10x15 hoop tents last year and they work great if you use the screw anchors, but will blow away in the wind without them (one met this fate early in its life). The tarp is a little thin but has lasted a year so far, aside from crow damage (which can be repaired -...
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    Dragonfly MK-II 3 airfoil conversion

    Plane is now tied down safely at the farm. If anyone knows Patrick Panzera can you please ask him to deliver my bill of sale or written affidavit stating I purchased it from him, to whom it was donated by the original builder? If Mr. Panzera does not provide this, the aircraft will be a...
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