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  • I love your modern biplane project! Thanks for posting your project here. I would love to fly into your strip some day.
    It's not that bad, just suck it up and drive on the washboard for a mile (leave your sports car at home). When you arrive you will find one of the few remaining uncontrolled airports with facilities that is welcome to ultralights. Many places like this are beyond private (literally someone's backyard) and it's a real treat to fire up my Coyote and blast off in 200 feet, then cruise over several more private strips within the next ten minutes, or grease it on the lake bad in 15 minutes, and you can't beat the turbulence in the afternoon for conditioning your body for g forces.
    Brian Ranch is hard to miss. Just follow the 138 to the middle of nowhere, turn north on a barely-marked dirt road, drive a fair distance while wondering if you car's suspension is going to survive, and when you have finally given up hope and decided that you are totally lost, YOU HAVE ARRIVED! (Granted, depending on which fork in the road you took, you may be in the parking lot or on the runway.)
    Hi Nate,

    You are welcome any Sunday to come out to Brian Ranch, near Llano (east of Palmdale) and swing by hangar 4. I'm usually out there after about 12:00 PM working on it.
    Hi, I saw your post on the 3 airfoil Dragonfly and noticed you are very close to me. I have a Dragonfly MKII in Bakersfield. I am finishing up my Sonex first, and then I'll shift focus to the Dragonfly. I would really like to meet up some time and check out your Dragonfly project if you wouldn't mind showing me. I have decent aluminum building skills but am a complete novice with fiberglass. That is partly why I got my Dragonfly project, so I can learn composite building techniques. If you need someone to help out, hand you tools, or just sit there and watch, I would be happy to learn. Please let me know if we could meet up sometime. Tehachapi is a short drive for me, I'd be happy to meet you at your hangar.


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