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    Question for the Chute Riggers...

    Wow.. Am I understanding correctly that you can afford to fly an L-39 and you are "wondering if you should chance using it's original parachutes?.." Sorry, but that's freakin' nuts. It was pointed out that Strong makes a replacement, please get one. And you other guys jumping T-10's and...
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    Could the Inflatable Aircraft Concept Be Updated/Modernized?

    Also, Tensarity beams develop useful stiffness at relatively low pressures, 6-10 psig, and exhibit increased stiffness with increasing pressure to a point. Since leak rate varies directly for any given envelope with pressure differential Tensairty structures can be built to have very low...
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    Could the Inflatable Aircraft Concept Be Updated/Modernized?

    Thought I would jump in here to clarify. "Tensarity" is not just an inflated thing. Rather, in it's simplest beam form, it is a composite structure that uses compressive elements attached to top surface of an inflated cylinder and tensile elements, (originally just steel cables), that attach...
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    Prop shaft

    I had a 63' Lemans on entitle with that "torque tube". It had 4 wheel independent suspension as well. I wish they'd continued refining that chasis for another 10 years it would have been a keeper. Different times - I think the 64' was changed considerably and rebadged as "GTO". Also fun...
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    Scale ME-262

    lots of DC-3's still dragging happy skydivers to altitude as well! Way fun to run down the isle, out that little door and then fall on your back watching the big bird pull away..
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    They must be a blast to fly once one allocates to it and I know the original engines caused much grief. Like most everyone on this forum I wanted one from the start.. I in no way meant to imply that PM should try to use such tech. The thread had departed into a more general discussion of LE...
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    On the LE cooling tangent of this thread - Significant structural improvements have been made to graphite foams which exhibit remarkable heat transfer, (e.g. POCO HTC). Additionally, much research has demonstrated the efficacy of active circulation control on wings and ducts from the venting of...
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    Thank you for providing the materials info. It's always surprising to me how few people know of Teflon's infinite creep characteristic. Even plumbers think that "Teflon tape" is for sealing pipe threads - it cannot seal anything at the remarkable pressures developed between tapered threads...
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    ...And doesn't the BD-5 hold the record for # of crashes/total # of flying airframes?.. I don't recall the actual stats but I remember being horribly surprised.
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    Where does one find an aerospace Engineer to hire

    Yes, but he doesn't charge as much now... :)
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    Mass Balance of Ailerons

    Great discussion and explanations and beautiful RV. Two things; 1) I'd like to hear what your performance goals for the tapered wing design on your RV were and how they perform relative to those goals and; 2) Given that flutter is such a complicated and viciously dangerous phenomena and...
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    The A-4 Skyhawk

    YH - Someone, (RFB) Did! The RFB Fantainer was to be a "cost effective" Jet Trainer. The initial prototype didn't work well but the two subsequent versions received exceptional marks for giving a "Jet like" flying experience @ 1/5th the cost of the Cessna T-37 Tweet and using 1/10th the fuel...
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    Thank you for the excellent video on liquid cooling duct design. Clear and concise and a great review of basic fluid flow and the inherent challenges and compromises inherent in any duct design. I imagine that results from recent studies exploring the use of shaped "turning" vanes using CFD...
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    The A-4 Skyhawk

    Fun discussion and great nostalgic video- Thanks. A question - It seems to me that the Viper Jet is a good example of the diminishing returns of down-scaling performance Jet Aircraft. Even their greatly improved MK2 version with stellar performance and (as reported) great overall handling is...