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    Rubber Discs for Shock Strut

    Various transport in the UK has used rubber in compression for suspension. Classic Mini used rubber with the dry suspension. And the Moulton cycle has used it for years & still does. Alex Moulton designed the Mini suspension and also then started Moulton cycles. Moulton Bicycle - Wikipedia
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    My foam cutter

    I used a 12v car battery charger when I was cutting model aircraft foam wings, then you could buy nichrome wire from model shops for the bow. Used top pull about 2-4amps on a 30" cut length bow. I cannot see why you would need to rectify or smooth the output. And yes I know the car battery...
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    Anybody with hot wire foam cutting experience near Savannah?

    I've cut quite a few model wings myself. What issues are you getting. One point is you need virgin foam, some is recycled & has hard lumps in it. As others have said the templates need to be very smooth, otherwise the wire will drag & could break. Run your thumbnail over it there should be no...
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    Yeat Another Twin Boom Pusher the General Aircraft G.A.L. 33 Cagnet

    Unfortunately Ivan has said this won't be a kit or plans, this is for his own personal.
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    Using a carbonfiber rectengular tube as a wing spar

    Fantastic thanks, units I can understand as well! NO work getting done tomorrow as I play with this!
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    Using a carbonfiber rectengular tube as a wing spar

    Interesting Bill, inrested in the formula to calculate this, to knock up a spreadsheet with. Any chance of the basics please?
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    Peter Sripol is at it again...

    But surely all the foam is doing is giving an overall rib outline, beam strength comes from the aluminium tube spars. I've built model aircraft wings this way. Home cut polystyrene foam, wooden leading & sub training edge & covered in film. The thing you've linked to is predominately sales puff...
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    Peter Sripol is at it again...

    Main issue with DC at these levels is burns, shorting out a battery pack of these sizes will produce a huge amount of amps. Yup a 100VDC will kill you, 50VDC will if you get it wrong. The issue with lowering the voltage is if you halve the volts, you double the current. At these levels of power...
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    Peter Sripol is at it again...

    The motor he used for the twin is the Hobbyking 150cc equivalent. It is this one. Turnigy RotoMax 150cc Size Brushless Outrunner Motor That is 9800Watts or around 12BHP. These are the specs:- Battery: 14 Cell / 51.8V RPM: 150kv Max current: 190A Watts: 9800w No load current: 51.8V/5.2A...
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    Pou HM.16 drawings or plans for Pedal Plane

    Quick search on outerzone found a few,
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    best 100 HP auto/motorcycle engine conversion?

    Been following these conversations with interest from the UK. The Rotax is expensive to buy & very expensive to service. I understand that Rotax will not sell anything which involves splitting the cases. This has led to a lot of engine thefts in the UK & I suspect across Europe. Reputedly by...
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    [SOLD] 1941 Culver cadet lfa $7,500

    That is very pretty, Franklin engine so some of the resto costs will be there, spares hard to get as well. Designed by Walt Mooney & was a semi monocoque
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    Briggs vs Kohler and the state of the market for modifications

    This is interesting, looks like a 40BHP engine from Subaru in the mix!
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    Me109 85% replica

    The BoB ME or Bf109s were Hispano Aviación HA-1112 M1L 'Buchon' the Spanish licence built 109 with Merlin engines.
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    Me109 85% replica

    Quick Google & it is a Rotax 912 series & it is German. As for registration in the UK most ex military stuff gets a dispensation not to display G-xxxx but can display ex RAF IDs.