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    Me109 85% replica

    The BoB ME or Bf109s were Hispano Aviación HA-1112 M1L 'Buchon' the Spanish licence built 109 with Merlin engines.
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    Me109 85% replica

    Quick Google & it is a Rotax 912 series & it is German. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roland_Me_109_Replica As for registration in the UK most ex military stuff gets a dispensation not to display G-xxxx but can display ex RAF IDs.
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    Holy Grail for Cluttonfred

    Several of the G reg aircraft are still registered. G-APIZ & G-AEXT, the Turbi & Kitten respectively, are certainly alive & well
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    Gearbox Chip Detector

    They do a reasonably priced one for the Porsche M96 & M97 engine. Flat 6 Innovations Try IMS Guardian
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    AutoPRSUs engine discussion

    This is absolutely on point. Pfarber has a very US centric view of things. In Europe the market for the Rotax 582 & 91xx series is massive, well compared to the traditional aero engine market. Why, our fuel prices are much higher for a start. The Vans & similar are either using the 912x engines...
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    language advice from my European friends

    As someone who travels EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) for work I would say French. We have offices in something like 132 countries in the world and French is most useful. That's despite working for a USA company where the default is meant to be English. In eastern Europe their second...
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    Not quite so structural foams?

    This is known as Oasis is the UK, has a similar consistency to honeycomb sweets.