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    What Did You Do To Save General Aviation Today?

    Kept studying for my Sport Pilot Knowledge Test. Made sure the local flight school is open for ops and taking new students. One more ASEL pilot in the works, even if it's me.
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    What??? No handheld radio???

    "Reality" television is anything but. A production company did a dating show episode at my soaring club several years ago. Everything was scripted, or planned in advance of the actual shot. We didn't have an SGS 2-32 (three-seat) glider at the time, so we took the "happy" prospective couple...
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Congratulations, Marc!
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    BMW 1200 R

    Where the heck did you get an intact Polliwagen kit???
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Sarcasm, right?
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    All right, which one of you guys has your beautiful Great Lakes parked at POC today?
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    Health Wealth & Happiness

    Certainly is. Moderator Note: Thread closed and locked. Please stay on-topic, guys and gals. If you want to talk about COVID-19, Keto diets, and so on, Twitter and Facebook should provide plenty of discussion space. HBA is for discussions about homebuilt aircraft and aviation involving them...
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    Budget Ultralight

    More challenging but, as I said, there's auto-tow.
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    Budget Ultralight

    Have you considered no motor at all? If you have any terrain around you - hills, a coastline with cliffs or other vertical features - and any kind of a steady breeze, you could stay up for possibly hours with no engine, and save a considerable amount of money and effort on your build. Another...
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    ESA Western Workshop 2020 Canceled

    Hello all, I believe it's been mentioned "unofficially", but here's the official post: The board of directors of the Experimental Soaring Association (ESA) has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 ESA Western Workshop in Tehachapi, California. A formal announcement was e-mailed to the...
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    Oshkosh 2020 Cancelled

    Moderator Note: There are now about three pages of posts (and chunks of a few others) missing from this thread. The thread started off (just fine) with a discussion of the cancellation of Oshkosh 2020. Yes, it was cancelled because of the current pandemic. However, the discussion diverted into...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    I hadn't seen the logo before. <cringe>
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    high efficiency practical airframe

    @BJC - At the last ESA workshop (Labor Day, 2019), it was mentioned that the project was still alive, but that was about it. The lack of apparent progress or even progress reports is worrying.
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    Peter does it again

    Whether or not Peter Stripol makes YouTube videos is really far off-topic for a discussion of his latest airplane design. YouTube is very much "the" way to disseminate this kind of information today, and Peter is simply a man of his time. That he makes money off his videos is also not relevant...
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    How to accurately cut out plywood?

    Or temporarily affix the plans to the plywood, prick the drawing (Wartenberg Wheel), sprinkle fine colored chalk powder over the holes. Pull away the plans and you'll have tiny dots of colored chalk directly on the plywood. You can use that either to connect with a pencil or pen (recommended) ...