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Tom Nalevanko

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  • Check you this movie on using CF Tow along with 3D printing for joining aluminum tubes.


    This technique was developed a while back by some Polish engineers joining tubes for an ice glider. But they just wrapped Fg Tow around buttons riveted to the tubes. Was kinda bulky but worked...

    I think that there is a lot of potential in using 3D printing to build parts with channels and guides for CF Tow, etc. Or for that matter CF rods. If you could do precise channels in foam and insert CF cloth and then rods, you could get some strong and innovative structures.

    Entire article here but only the YouTube link above works for me.

    Super Strong 3D Component Carbon Fiber Parts | Hackaday

    Carbon Reinforced 3-d Prints by RichMac - Thingiverse

    Blue skies,

    Hi Tom,

    It has been almost 20 years since the last time I saw you so thought I would look you up and see how the Stallion came along. I live in the Seattle area and you and your wife came to visit us around 1995 or 96. I had just purchased the first stallion kit and was working on it. Was wondering how your plane turned out . I have not been able to find any other builders other than the Massey group and that plane crashed in 1999. Do you know of any others? Hope all is well there in Camarillo.

    Hi Tom,
    Haven't heard from you yet and am still set to come out tomorrow afternoon. Just give me a time and i'll be there.

    Hi - I always liked the Stallion design - do you have any pictures you could post of the construction in progress?
    My email was jpelovitz at apogee-3d.com, but I just accidentally sent you a message via my personal address, which is unknowntarget at gmail.com - either one is fine. Also, if you have Skype or any instant messenger programs, those would be good too :)
    Hi; somehow I did not get your message to tom@mstay.com . I even looked in our company's main spam filters. Can you send me your email address here and I will white list you. Sorry
    Blue skies,
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