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    Okay, new discussion: welding

    Medic, Done a piete. you are gonna love it. Now for my two cents worth. I have been using oxy to do thin wall tubing for about 40 years now. I bit the bullet many years ago and got a Dillon (Henrob) torch and it is wonderful. I have used most torches out there at one time or another and as long...
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    Good article

    Mark, Nice writeup in the magazine on your UL. Enjoyed reading it. Tom
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    Glue question

    Skeeter, There is a discussion group on Yahoo groops and they might have some insite and know some in hot country that can help Tom
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    Valley Engineering's new ultralight

    Jake, welcome back and thanks for your service Tom
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    Beauty as a design criteria

    Re: Valley Engineering's new ultralight My opinion only, If it dont come apart and still flys it is beautiful. Take it from one that believes in "go ugly early" Tom:ermm:
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    Pull rivets

    Thanks for the reply about the N and Q rivets. I had that in mind but wanted some input from someone who had used them. The alum will be .035 and the gussets .025. Tom
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    Pull rivets

    I have not built an aluminum tail before and was curious about the best pull rivet to use. I have been looking at the Cherry Q structual rivet and have about decided this is the best for this, but wanted some of your guys input that have done this. Tom
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    Glue question

    The link to the glue and joint paper is here and i forgot to put it in. The thing i miss most is my mind. Tom
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    Glue question

    I use T-88 and have for years and have also used aerolite and like it but cant get it here in the states. I just posted a thread with a paper from Aus about joints and various glues so you might find it interesting. I made some break pieces when i was building my Pietenpol in the 80's using a...
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    T-88 and wood joints

    Here is an excellent paper about glues and the making of proper joints for you making a flying machine out of this medium. It has several refrences that are very helpful. Tom Mathes
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    Charlie, Just got registered on the Buzzards forum. Great site, thanks for the tip Tom Mathes
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    Charlie, sorry i was going to ask this and forgot. I have read of someone that said that the bike had heavy ailerons. Did yours have this or maybe he built the hinges wrong. Thanks, Tom
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    Charlie, Thank you for your reply on the Airbike. I will be building instead of buying because that is what i enjoy. I will take your advice and build according to the plans with the 4130 tail and build really light. as they say find a part, throw it into the air, if it falls try to find a way...
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    Gentlemen (hope I didnt offend anyone :gig:) I have been an aircraft builder for many years (Flybaby,Pietenpol,RevolutionII,Hatz). I was a corporate pilot and have lost my medical (Faa sent the dreaded letter taking it)and do not wish to go to the large expense for all the tests to get a 3rd and...
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    Visiting Portland

    Fellow Builders, I have a trip to Portland, Maine 5/22 thru 5/27. If anyone lives in this area I would really like to visit you and see your project. Are there any small airports where homebuilders hang out? Please send a personel e mail with a phone number. Thanks, Tom Mathes