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    experienced AVL Vortex Lattice users?

    ..another point that is slightly confusing is that the AVL manual talks about VLM being well suited to surfaces.."at a small angle of attack", which begs the question, how do results typically trend if you start specifying larger angles of attack (or Cl assuming fixed lift slope) etc. FWIW...
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    experienced AVL Vortex Lattice users?

    not quite yet, but that's on me, I'll take this and keep digesting till it does. Thank you for the response! Getting to the neutral point is, of course, a big part of this process also as I'm starting to shoehorn mass into the design . Thank you again!
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    experienced AVL Vortex Lattice users?

    I know this is "" and not ""; however, this section is here :) I'm wondering if there are any experienced (and patient) AVL (Athena Vortex Lattice) users here? Disclosure. I'm a ME designing/engineering my own aircraft and fumbling my way...