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    world travelling hybrid aircraft-balloon airship powered by the jet stream and an array of isothermal air motors and solar stirling engines.

    High altitude balloons have been around for a long time. Google "Loon Balloon" Raven Industries (Sioux Falls, SD) has been at it since the 1950's. A recent flight: N252TH - Ballon [] - Flightradar24 Flight Radar 24 only shows 24 hours of data but the flights last anywhere from a few hours to a...
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    Oshkosh 2021

    Sorry to hear that. A friend of mine in Adelaide was telling me they are locking down due to the "surge" in South Australia. Talk about putting things in perspective, they have 5 cases in the entire state. Guess we won't be seeing any of your fellow Aussies at Kelley's this time around.
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    Non- Biased Engine Reviews -Viking

    I had a IO-360-1C that I took off of a plane/project that had been sitting in a hangar for 11 years. It had 85 hours on it since it was rebuilt (very poorly.) Unbeknownst to me (at the time), at about 25 hrs a rod cap came off and the rod struck the crankshaft. The owner of the plane, at that...
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    How to incorporate a Hydrogen fuel cell into an electric aircraft for Homebuilders?

    The technology (even for auto use) has a long ways to go. If you watch the Hyundai add they state that one of the benefits of buying a Nexo is you get 7 days of free car rental a year for those trips outside the available fuel zone. And let's not forget you get free fuel for 3 years (or $13,000...
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    How to incorporate a Hydrogen fuel cell into an electric aircraft for Homebuilders?

    What is ironic is most 'clean(er)' electricity is generated using natural gas (methane) and burning that to generate a/c power which can be used to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen or to charge batteries to power cars, planes, etc. Why go through all of the conversions when all of the...
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    How to incorporate a Hydrogen fuel cell into an electric aircraft for Homebuilders?

    There is leading edge technology and then there is bleeding edge technology. Go for it.
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    How to incorporate a Hydrogen fuel cell into an electric aircraft for Homebuilders?

    "Hydrogen/Fuel Cell cars are only 10 years away" which is the quote used since the mid-80s. Because a hydrogen molecule is so small, it can penetrate the steel in a high pressure tank. Add to that the problem of Hydrogen Embrittlement. When you actually see it in a production auto then there...
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    Vacuum Infusion Demo - 2021

    Just to let everyone know, there will not be a demo/class at Oshkosh this year. Our usual sponsors are still trying to dig out from under all of the COVID blowback. The plan is to regroup and target 2022.
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    Can I lighten Epoxy with Microballons?

    I'm not going to comment as to what I deem to be credible advice and what to steer clear of. Make some test coupons and break them (if you can.) As an alternative (or prerequisite) read what Burt Rutan has written on the subject. Best case, find Chapter 3 of the Long-EZ plans which is the...
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    Can I lighten Epoxy with Microballons?

    I'm assuming you are trying to reduce weight and there are ways to accomplish that. There are two ways to prep your foam for glass/carbon, Micro Slurry and Hardshell. My preference is to Hardshell (i.e. Micro slurry that has cured.) Think about it ... you join your sections of foam using...
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    What aviation news, blogs or e-mail newsletters do you actively read?

    EAA pubs as well as AOPA & Kit Planes. I follow various You Tube builers sites.
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    vacuum bagging set up recomendation

    Try this previous post which has a schematic: Here
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    Electric Remote Fuel Valve

    Well, I made my choice. I ordered 3 of the BVB4CV-XR33 valves from Electric Solenoid Valves. In the event of a power loss, they retain their last position which would be wide open 99.999% of the time. One for left, one for right and one (with an backup power source) for a total shutoff. Once...
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    Electric Remote Fuel Valve

    I'm with you 100% and that is how I planned on doing it. I even have the $400 Andair fuel selector to prove it. Add to that, taking my collection of tubing, fuel selector and a box of AN fittings and try to fit it in place, physically, and struggling with it for well over a year, I have decided...
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    Electric Remote Fuel Valve

    Yes, but a "Fail Closed" is more likely to result in an off field landing. ....and therein lies the rub. This is the original Velocity design (STD/RG) so the tunnel stops at the bulkhead that makes up the front seat backs. Add to that the "Whale Tail" that connects to the push/pull cables that...