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    For Sale Parts I don't need.

    Parts are Sold boys. Somebody is welcome to delete this post if they would like to thanks. TJay
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    For Sale Parts I don't need.

    I mounted the T-3 to my model 1 kitfox the ride was great but didn't care for the angle of the chains and I don't need it here in Iowa. All parts are used but in good working condition. Tailwheel $100 T-3 $300 Buy both $375 actual shipping is...
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    Replica home builts

    There is only one that needs to be built the most bad ass plane ever one of my favorites.
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    Tail Dragger Main axle placement?

    Yaah sorry I should have said LE but I think I got what I needed Thanks.
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    Tail Dragger Main axle placement?

    When designing a high wing bush plane is there a common starting point to place the main axles? Looking for a few suggestions on Ahead of, Right on, Or behind the datum?
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    Wood for box spars?

    You don't want doug fir anyway. Spruce or Hem fir is best. just out of curiosity why do you say that?
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    Larson 11 -- Anyone recognize ?

    very nice looking plane but I would think with only 100mph cruise in a single place you should be seeing 30 to 35mph in landing. Just my opinion. Love the tailwind look in it.
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    Bede wing revisit

    Watch this the airplane has two small 2.5 inch round spars .065 wall and they do just fine at a total of 12.19lbs per wing. What do you think?
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    Kitfox Model 1 Special Edition

    Will do thanks for the nice complements guys.
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    Kitfox Model 1 Special Edition

    Sure started 11-28-2014 finished 04-07-2018 I started with a bare fuselage from a Kitfox model one that was untouched and built the plane that I wanted around it. I wanted to use the standard early kitfox airfoil for the STOL performance I used heaver spars and stronger wing internals. Things...
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    Kitfox Model 1 Special Edition

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    Budget built MiniMax 1100 Ultralight

    I hope he can do it as well. I did a Fisher Avenger a few years back but it took me a bit longer to finish it. Was a fun little airplane to fly. Wish you the best Mr.
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    Alaska Highlander

    I bet flying that thing in Alaska will be amazing. Nice work Enjoy.
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    Yamaha 120hp ygs psru coming soon

    Lots of activity on the avidfoxflyer fourms about these type engines. Where have you been?