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  • Thanks TJay I'm fairly well convinced I will buy and fly the Challenger. BTW he was talking about a Hirth engine. I think they give 2 2 stroke options and 2 4 stroke options. All of them air cooled which I didn't even know there was such a thing as an air cooled 4 stroke. They DO NOT offer Rotax as an option. Wat u are saying makes a lotta sense now. No wonder they look so much alike! Also I spoke to him for over an hour so a lotta things covered. I asked about paint and he said to paint it with latex house paint. I had experience as a bodyman years ago so I can spray fairly well. I cant imagine painting any vehicle with latex. Just a question. If you love your plane so much, why are you selling it? Oh yeah he said by putting the engine right side up on the top he can get a bigger prop on it.
    Hi TJay wanted to ask you if you know anything about Excaliber. What I have been able to find out is it IS a separate company than Challenger altho they look identical. I spoke to Tom Carr, the owner, and he claims the Ex will outperform the Chall pretty much over all. I am assuming you haven't flown an Ex. but wat do u think about his statements? Do you think they are hype to sell his product or do they hold water? He said you could put 10 gallon tank behind the seat and one 10 gal tank in each wing giving you 30 gals or about 500 to 600 mile range. What I like about Challenger is the availability and price of used aircraft. You cant really find any Ex for sale. Thanks. BTW I am going to EAA Sun and Fun. If you are too maybe we can meet. Lemme know.
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